Regarding The Holy Days

From Letters From God and His Christ

Regarding The Holy Days


Letters from God and His Christ - Regarding The Holy Days

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Table of Contents for Regarding The Holy Days

  1. *Embracing The Gift, (*mp3)
  2. *Walking in the Footsteps of The Messiah’s Passion, (*mp3)
  3. *Do This in Remembrance of Me, (*mp3)
  4. *Keep The Passover, (*mp3)
  5. *I Am The Passover and The Lamb, The New Covenant with Men, (*mp3)
  6. *Unleavened, (*mp3)
  7. *Devotion, (*mp3)
  8. *I AM RISEN, (*mp3)
  9. *Pentecost, (*mp3)
  10. *A Trying of Your Trust, a Testing of Your Resolve... Your Faith Revealed, (*mp3)
  11. *To Be Set Apart, (*mp3)
  12. *Atonement, (*mp3)
  13. *The Feasts of The Lord, (*mp3)

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  • Regarding The Holy Days


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