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Modern Scripture Spoken to This Generation...
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Table of Contents for Volume Six

  1. *Reasonable Service, (*mp3)
  2. *True Faith, (*mp3)
  3. *Deliverance, (*mp3)
  4. Join Not in the Error of the People, (mp3)
  5. *Subject to No Man, (*mp3)
  6. *The Word of The Lord Shall Be Heard, (*mp3)
  7. *A Blemish and a Stain, (*mp3)
  8. *Gathered, (*mp3)
  9. *Delight in the Ways of The Lord, (*mp3)
  10. *I Have Taken to Myself a Prophet, (*mp3)
  11. *Pentecost, (*mp3)
  12. *Children of Wisdom (*mp3)
  13. *In The Bosom of The Father, (*mp3)
  14. *The One Worthy of All Praise, (*mp3)
  15. *The Parable of The Great Landowner and His Beloved Sheep, (*mp3)
  16. *Freedom Comes By Sacrifice, (*mp3)
  17. *The God of the Living, (*mp3)
  18. *Walking through the Valley, (*mp3)
  19. *The Harvest Is Separated, All Bundles Set in Their Places, (*mp3)
  20. *A Right Heart Bridles the Tongue; And a Forgiving Heart Absolves Every Hurt, Bringing Peace to the Mind, (*mp3)
  21. *A Just God and A Savior, (*mp3)
  22. *The Valley of Discontent, (*mp3)
  23. *What Is Man, (*mp3)
  24. *Desperation, (*mp3)
  25. *Narrow Vision, (*mp3)
  26. *Lukewarm Sheep, (*mp3)
  27. *Full Circle, (*mp3)
  28. *Blessed Hope, (*mp3)
  29. *Unparalleled, (*mp3)
  30. *Mouthpieces of The Most High God, (*mp3)
  31. *Sons of The Shepherd, (*mp3)
  32. *Madness, (*mp3)
  33. *The Penalty: A Life for a Life, (*mp3)
  34. *Prized Possessions, (*mp3)
  35. *A Perverse Nation, (*mp3)
  36. *The Parable of The Aged Shepherd, (*mp3)
  37. *The Pomp of the Nations Shall Cease, and the Achievements of the People Shall Collapse in upon Them, in the Day I Open the Mouth of Sheol to Receive Them, (*mp3)
  38. *A Heavy Stone, a Bitter Burden, (*mp3)
  39. *All My Sheep Hear My Voice; Yet Only Those Called to be Prophets Shall Walk in the Office Thereof, Says The Lord, (*mp3)
  40. *The Sabbath Was Made for Man, and Not Man for The Sabbath, (*mp3)
  41. *Desolations, (*mp3)

This ends Volume Six.

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