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Modern Scripture Spoken to This Generation...
Hear The Word of The Lord!


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Table of Contents for Volume One

  1. Chosen by God, (mp3)
  2. Honor Not the Day of the Dead... Honor God, (mp3)
  3. Christmas, (mp3)
  4. Wisdom Regarding Those Who Killed The Messiah, Who Is Called Christ, (mp3)
  5. Humility and The Word of God, (mp3)
  6. God Is The Fosterer and Protector of Those Tossed Away in Bitter Ignorance, (mp3)
  7. Belong to the Church Without Walls, (mp3)
  8. Sex, (mp3)
  9. What's In a Name, (mp3)
  10. And He Shall Be Called I AM, (mp3)
  11. Death and Awakening, (mp3)
  12. Regarding the Celebration of Christmas, (mp3)
  13. Duty, (mp3)
  14. I Shall Correct and Discipline All Those I Love, (mp3)
  15. Know That Which Has Been Poured Out, The Word of God, (mp3)
  16. Run from the Forest and Loose All That Binds You, (mp3)
  17. Seek The Lord and He Will Open The Way, (mp3)
  18. The Signs of the Coming of The Son of Man, (mp3)
  19. Make Way for the Coming of The Lord, (mp3)
  20. To Whom Does The Kingdom of Heaven Belong, (mp3)
  21. To He Who Has Understanding, Let Him Hear the Truth of the Inheritance of Sin and Salvation, (mp3)
  22. Be Baptized in The Living Waters of Spirit and Truth, (mp3)
  23. God Eternal, (mp3)

This ends Volume One.

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In YahuShua HaMashiach, our Lord and Savior.

Your fellow servant in Messiah,
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