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6/6/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (An addendum to “Spiritual Famine”)

Little flock, hear and understand the will and discipline of The Lord Most High. For I tell you the truth, Pentecost has been fulfilled; behold, it has passed them by unawares. Yet for some it remains, and shall also continue until the time. For many are called, yet few are chosen. Therefore, have compassion and pray for them, beloved. For in the same way, you also looked to the time and waited for My words, yet they did not come. And some of you took it upon yourselves to run ahead, impatient, lacking trust, while still others waited patiently; yet all were unaware of My will, save one.

Beloved, here is wisdom: The penitent wait and bow down in thanksgiving. Yet the arrogant and false righteous stand up proudly, declaring their deliverance, a deliverance which has already passed and shall not come. For My hand is removed and My spirit taken. For only those in whom I see of Myself shall escape, and only those caught in My embrace shall fly away.
Thus as you were made to wait, so shall these within the churches of men wait. For they wait for a sound they no longer recognize, for a call to which they have shut their ears, for a shout from Him whom they have not known, a voice they have altogether rejected. For how can one who rejects My voice then heed the call? And how can anyone who turns away from Me, in favor of another, then embrace Me when the shout is made? For they have surely joined themselves to another, they embrace another messiah, a false christ, who looks nothing like Me! Therefore they shall surely pass through the fire, for by no other means shall they be saved.

This then is what I command you, little flock: Have compassion, and pray for your brothers and sisters in the churches of men and for the unbelieving of Israel. For they must endure much for the sake of My name. And though the day has passed, lo it has ceased for many, it has not altogether passed away. For My spirit remains with the first election, and shall be restored to the penitent after.

Thus you shall surely honor this holy day,
And give thanks for the gift of My spirit...

Yes, you shall honor Pentecost and give thanks,
As I have commanded you...

I, Myself, shall be with you.

Watch, My beloved ones,
For I am indeed coming quickly!...

Says The Holy One of Israel, your Redeemer.

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