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Table of Contents for Volume Three

  1. *Walk in The Lord, Establishing Your Love by Faith and Obedience, (*mp3)
  2. *Proclaim NOT the Hell of the Churches of Men; In Their Words Is No Mercy Found, Only the Makings of Satan, (*mp3)
  3. *For God’s Glory, All Things That Are and Were Created Were Created by His Knowledge... Designed in Perfect Intelligence, (*mp3)
  4. *To the Church Who Dwells in the Midst Of and Sits Upon Seven Hills, (*mp3)
  5. *Deceptions, (*mp3)
  6. *The Sower Has Sown, Yet the Seeds Have Fallen Among Thorns and Stony Places, (*mp3)
  7. *The Last Trump, (*mp3)
  8. *The Mountains Shall Crumble and Fall Upon the Desolate, (*mp3)
  9. *Woe to the Captives of This World; The Prison House Is Opened Yet You Remain Therein, Holding Fast in Your Rebellion, Unwilling to Forsake Your Sin, (*mp3)
  10. *As You Have Received, So Shall You Give, (*mp3)
  11. *The Watchman, (*mp3)
  12. *Desolations Are Determined, (*mp3)
  13. *The Heavens and the Earth Shall Pass Away, Recreated Anew; The Law Stands Forever, Unchanged and Unchangeable... Neither Has God Blessed Any Other Day, The Seventh Has He Blessed; Keep It Holy, (*mp3)
  14. *Consummation, (*mp3)
  15. *Prophecy against Ishmael, (*mp3)
  16. *The Truth Absolute, (*mp3)
  17. *The Vineyard, (*mp3)
  18. *Stricken, (*mp3)
  19. *Unleavened, (*mp3)
  20. *I AM RISEN, (*mp3)
  21. *Awake, All You Churches of Men, (*mp3)
  22. *To the Church Who Bears the Name, Jehovah, Who Neither Know My Church Nor Remain in My Body, (*mp3)
  23. *Abide in the Doctrine of The Messiah, (*mp3)
  24. *The Dust Has Been Shaken Off the Feet of God’s Messengers as a Testament Against You, O Churches of Men, (*mp3)
  25. *My Image, My Mercy, My Love, (*mp3)
  26. *Death and Deliverance, (*mp3)
  27. *Turn to The Lord When You Stumble; Turn Away, and You Shall Surely Fall, (*mp3)
  28. *The Promise, (*mp3)
  29. *Desolations Are Determined... And Great Want for My Beloved Children, (*mp3)
  30. *Receive of That Which Is Seasoned with Salt and Flavored with Honey, (*mp3)
  31. *Chosen Vessels, (*mp3)
  32. *Separation, (*mp3)
  33. *Blessed Are Those Who Overcome for My Name’s Sake, (*mp3)
  34. *Many Are Called, Yet Few Are Chosen, (*mp3)
  35. *Refinement and The Day of The Lord, (*mp3)
  36. *I Am With You Always, (*mp3)
  37. *Rebellion, Recompense, Reformation, (*mp3)
  38. *Grafted In, (*mp3)
  39. *Born Again, (*mp3)
  40. *Under God, (*mp3)
  41. *Remember The Sabbath Day, to Keep It Holy, (*mp3)

This ends Volume Three.

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