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Modern Scripture Spoken to This Generation...
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Table of Contents for Volume Two

  1. Clothed with The Presence of God, (mp3)
  2. Remember The Sabbath and Your God, and He Shall Remember You, (*mp3)
  3. Watch, (*mp3)
  4. Purify Your Faith, (mp3)
  5. Judge Not Others, For That By Which You Judge Is How You Shall Be Judged, (mp3)
  6. Embrace The Cornerstone, Wherein Flows Springs of Living Water, (*mp3)
  7. The Wide Path, (*mp3)
  8. The Seventh Day, (mp3)
  9. A Day in The Lord, (mp3)
  10. I Am The Passover and The Lamb, The New Covenant with Men, (mp3)
  11. The Holy Spirit, (*mp3)
  12. Bear Much Fruit, the Harvest Is Near, (*mp3)
  13. Do This in Remembrance of Me, (mp3)
  14. Ensign, (*mp3)
  15. It Is Time... Prepare to Meet Your God, (*mp3)
  16. Woe to the Church Called Roman and Catholic, (mp3)
  17. Hearts Changed, (*mp3)
  18. The Lord Comes Nigh; Make the Way Straight for His Return, (*mp3)
  19. The Mark, (*mp3)
  20. All Shall Reap That Which They Have Sown, Be It of Good or Evil, (*mp3)
  21. The True Baptism, (*mp3)
  22. All Have Been Purchased... Yet Few Have Accepted, Few Are Chosen, (*mp3)
  23. Abortion: Murder of the Innocent, (mp3)
  24. The Judgment of God Is True and Without Question, Yet the Error of the People Is Great, (*mp3)
  25. Twice Murdered, (mp3)
  26. One Truth, One Church, One Body... No Walls, (*mp3)
  27. As God Is Three Aspects, All as One, So Too Is the Coming of The Son of Man, (*mp3)
  28. I Will Take My People OUT OF, (*mp3)
  29. Do Not Be Tempted by the World, For Its Ways Lead Only to Blasphemy and Sin, (mp3)
  30. Judgment, Transgression, and The Word, (*mp3)
  31. Heed the Call, (mp3)
  32. Transgression, (mp3)

This ends Volume Two.

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