I Shall Remove My Hand and My Spirit Shall Be Withdrawn... And That Purposed from the Beginning Shall Be Done, It Shall Be Accomplished Swiftly

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I Shall Remove My Hand and My Spirit Shall Be Withdrawn...

5/19/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This question was asked of The Lord, for a sister in Christ: Lord, is this really the last Pentecost?

[The Lord answered] Beloved, I have poured out My spirit on all flesh, even as I was poured out for you from the beginning. Yet no one comes to drink, not one is willing to receive of Me as I truly am. I have brought forth the rains in their due season, both the former and the latter, and still the crop wanes and bears only bitter fruit. Behold, the voice of The Lord your God has spoken, yet few have ears to hear, few are willing to open their heart and truly listen. I tell you the truth, before Me stands a very proud people, multitudes of foolish children who can not discern their right hand from their left. Their knowledge is corrupt; all their thoughts and musings only serve to uphold their vile nature. For they do not retain God in their thoughts, and from The Holy they are far removed.

Therefore, thus says The Lord: The churches of men are perverse, their ways corrupt, a wholly ignorant and vain people, multitudes of deceived children, a people who were to prepare My way before Me! Yet they have chosen another way, twisting and segregating the Scriptures, both adding to and taking away, that they may continue to uphold their own corrupt doctrines and filthy traditions, which I hate! Therefore, woe to those who dwell in the churches of men! Woe to all who walk in their ways! HYPOCRITES! And of the hypocrite’s portion they shall surely receive, unless they repent and return to Me wholly and in truth! Says The Lord.
For I tell you the truth, behold, I declare it to you plainly, if I were to come down and speak in the former manner, every one of these churches of men would bar My way before Me; even every one of them would cast Me out and seek to have Me arrested! Yet I have indeed passed through the midst of them, and though they have not seen Me, as I live, says The Lord, they have surely rejected Me!

I have poured out My spirit, yet they refuse to drink!
I have spoken to them, yet they shut their ears to My voice!
I have sent My messengers to them, yet they cast them out
With great anger and violence, persecuting and slandering them!...

Behold, even the least of these, My servants, have been
Mistreated by these so-called people of faith!...


It is written: The heart of this people has waxed gross, their ears are very dull of hearing and their eyes they have shut, lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart, and be fully converted, and I should heal them.[1] Yet they have not returned to Me, nor will they repent. How then shall I heal them?
For only those who know they are sick seek out The Physician. Yet those who perceive themselves as well will in no wise come to Me. Indeed they remain seated firmly in the darkness of their own understanding, resting upon their laurels by which they highly esteem themselves, as they for a pretense worship another messiah. For one who peers through stained glass can not behold his own image, nor is he able to see those inside clearly. For he sees only an outline, a blur of color obscuring his vision. And those on the inside who peer outward remain blinded, able to perceive only a shadow of what truly is, holding up the hand against the brightness, for fear of the noonday sun which is about to come in. Thus they prefer the light filtered and the brilliance masked, by means of all this painted glass. What then shall a people such as this do when night has fallen?
Thus the churches of men do always take the name of The Lord in vain, by all they say and do. From the least even unto the greatest, they pollute My name, even to the continual blaspheming of the Spirit. Therefore I shall indeed remove My hand, and My spirit shall return to Me. Behold, from every individual who refuses to give heed to My voice and embrace My correction has it departed already.
Yet let all those who remain in My love understand and have peace. For though My spirit departs from the multitudes and the ensuing darkness be thick, though wickedness overflows and every man of pride who being wise in his own eyes is left confounded, I shall not make a total end. For My hand shall remain with the faithful, and My strength shall be revealed in My anointed. Behold, My spirit shall well up within the hearts of the penitent and come upon My chosen as a welcomed rain, and they shall be greatly increased, shining ever brighter, even amidst thick clouds and darkness.

Behold The Lord’s purpose, for it shall surely
Be accomplished, it shall surely be done:

From My left hand, judgment shall be poured out
Upon the desolate, the high-minded and the hypocrite...

Yet under the shadow of My right hand,
The humble shall be hidden...

For I am The Lord, and I do not change.

  1. Matthew 13:15 (KJV)

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