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2/10/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy and The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, hear the word of The Lord your God: Before you have I set many things, all of which you shall honor and obey in their proper times and seasons, according to how I Myself command you.

Therefore regarding the feasts of The Lord, this is what The Lord your God says to those who believe, those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart which longs to know Me as I truly am: Three are fulfilled, one is, and three are to come, coming quickly. Of the three fulfilled, you shall remember and honor them according to how I command you. The dates and times, the new moons and seasons, are not the focus... YahuShua is the focus. For the significance of these Holy Days is found in their meaning and revealed by their order, even as all find their fulfillment in Mashiach and their completion in the coming of The Lord.
Thus you and your family, along with this little flock, which I love, shall not keep My Holy Days as the world, nor as those held captive in the churches of men, for they do pollute My name. Nor shall you follow the traditions of the Jews, for those who deny The Son deny The Father also; their worship is in vain. For the Jews reject The Son of Salvation, and the churches of men corrupt His name and pollute His image, without ceasing! For they do always follow the dictates of their own evil hearts, and in their stubbornness they hold fast to religion, seeking to please men, walking in every perverse doctrine and tradition thereof... Abiding not in their Savior, as they refuse The Way!
Therefore you shall set yourselves apart from them. And because of My voice, you shall remain separate and do all I command you. I am The Lord. For in the world, many will celebrate the Passover at the end of March; yet you will honor the Passover beginning Tuesday at twilight of the week prior, and you will remember. You will walk in the footsteps of The Messiah’s passion, gathering together to bless His name according to each day He fulfilled in His glory, My glory. Four holy convocations, plus one, shall be kept.

Thus as The Messiah kept the Passover with His disciples,
So shall you honor The Passover in like manner...

As He was afflicted, so shall you afflict your souls...

As He slept in the tomb, so shall you mourn...
And as He rose from the grave, so shall you rejoice and sing praises;
Behold, you shall complete the week with joy and feasting!...

Then later shall you meet, once again,
To remember the Bridegroom being taken from you,
And to rejoice in the Blessed Hope of His soon return!

In this way will you begin to partake of the hidden manna, and your hearts shall be glad, causing you to see with greater eyes; your understanding of the Glory brightening, as you enter into a more profound knowledge of the salvation of God, which is accomplished and fulfilled in The Son of Man... For the Holy Days are revelation, revealing hidden things kept secret since the world began, signposts of things to come, a foretaste of the Kingdom, a glimpse into the Glory of God, even as the Scriptures, unfolding and coming to light as the will of God is manifest.
And though you are counted as last partakers by the Jews, and scorned by those who dwell in the churches of men, I tell you, you shall be first partakers! For I have set you up as an example, and by these things shall you bear witness of My goings out and comings in. For I am The Lord, and I shall surely follow the counsel of My own will. For I do not receive counsel from men, nor shall I follow the line which they have stretched out for Me, that I might adhere to their rules and meet their expectations. Rather I do that which is right and good in My own eyes, which bears fruit in accordance with the good pleasure of My will... Or have you never read this Scripture, “God is in Heaven; and He does whatsoever is pleasing to Him”?
Therefore, those who diligently seek to know The Father must abide in The Son and obey His voice, becoming a living testament to those without knowledge, even as an ensign to all nations... Soon taken up, first partakers of The Glory. Thus in the same way, those who truly accept and believe My words and embrace My Letters shall also be first partakers of the spring feasts... Supping from the table of knowledge, drinking from the fountain of understanding, as they receive joy anew in The Beloved. For many who are counted as first shall be last, and many who are counted as last will be first. For those mocked and persecuted, for My name’s sake, must be first; even as those who are mocked and persecuted, because of this Word, shall be first also. The mouth of The Living God has spoken.

Yet only those who have truly received
Shall be first partakers of The Glory...

They shall be the first to sit at My table before the time,
Supping from the plate of My knowledge,
Drinking from the cup of My understanding;
For there I am in the midst of them...

Until the day comes when My beloved rest fully
In My bosom, in the house of The Lord...

For the names of all My elect were written
In the Book of Life from the very foundation of the world,
Of which The Lamb was also slain...

I am The Lord.

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