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4/29/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Self-Appointed Prophet, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding someone who added “prophet” to his name, and spoke against the Word of The Lord in The Letters)

Thus says The Lord: Is My Word in need of confirmation by men without knowledge? Is the Word of My mouth subject to the words of men, whose understanding remains lacking, whose power is of no use at all? Shall My words be made subject to the approval of any self-appointed prophet, teacher, pastor, or preacher? Shall flesh usurp the things of God? Can mortal man ascend above the throne of The Eternal? Shall the created rule over The Creator, or the corrupt sit as judge over The Holy? Shall the churches of men attempt to occupy My throne and not be cast down?!
For I tell you, ALL flesh shall be humbled in the Day of The Lord; the whole world shall be bowed down! For all creation is subject to The Word of God, and every living creature is put into subjection to The Authority from on high! Nothing in the earth beneath or in the heavens above can escape the will of The Sovereign Lord! For I AM!... From everlasting to everlasting, I AM YAHUWAH!

Therefore, O son of men, tell Me now if you are able, what are the names of My servants and by what name are they called? Have they come out to honor Me in their own names? By what name have I called to them? Or have they so highly esteemed themselves, as to name themselves according to the gift? Are they so skilled in knowledge and cleverness of speech, that they may now appoint themselves to a certain office, without first being called?... The gift is Mine! And I bestow it upon whomever I wish, whenever I choose! For I call My servants out from among them, I appoint every office, and I Myself number their steps before them! For My gifts are given through The Spirit, and must also be received in Me! They are in no wise open to claim, nor shall anyone on Earth assign them! For only those in union with The Messiah are able to walk in them.


I alone search the hearts and minds!
I alone know the hearts of all men!
For indeed, many are called yet few are chosen...

Therefore give heed to My speech, for thus declares The Lord:

The highly esteemed shall be abandoned;
The self-appointed shall be severely abased,
And shall become slaves in the Day of The Lord’s anger.


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