The Parable of The Aged Shepherd

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The Parable of The Aged Shepherd

7/14/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
A Parable Given to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

There was a man, an old man full of years, who grew up tending sheep. And to this day he tends them still, arising early each day; even going out in the middle of the night when required, whether due to wolves or approaching bad weather. He tends his sheep, for he knows no other trade, and enjoys doing so. The shepherd has no family, nor children of his own. The sheep are his family, and he cares for them as such.

One day a man came to him while he was out in the field, and offered to buy all the sheep for a good price, and said, “You are old and look very tired; let me take this flock off your hands. Then you can take the money and retire, and relax and enjoy life.” The aged shepherd paused and considered for a moment, and looked up at the man with a smile, and said with conviction, “I am retired; I haven’t had to work a day my whole life.”
The man was puzzled by this, and said, “But you have been tending sheep your whole life, and caring for their lambs since you were a boy!” As the aged shepherd’s mind drifted back across the years, he sighed contentedly, and answered, “Right. I have indeed been very blessed in my life.”

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