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2/8/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This question was asked of The Lord: Lord, what do you say about new age spirituality, psychics, mediums, buddhism and the like?

Thus says The Lord: All is wickedness, deceptions clothed in falsehoods, presented to the masses under the guise of so-called truth and enlightenment, the wide path leading to destruction. For those who embrace such things cast stumbling stones at their own feet, and those who teach such things teach doctrines of demons, and shall surely fall into the pit.
Beware. For these teachings are of the spirit called antichrist; propagated by those sent out by the evil one to disguise and pervert the Truth amongst the people, to deceive the whole world (and if it were possible, even the elect); cunning ones who seek only to steal, kill and destroy, to the devouring of whole nations. For the thoughts and desires of the people are perverse. They practice abomination, and do not retain God in their thoughts. They are consumed by lust, easily devoured by their own evil thoughts and desires.

Therefore, again I say to you, beware...

For evil comes in many forms
And shall only increase by measure,
Reaching unto new heights in wickedness...

Behold, right has become wrong;
And wrong has become right,
And the right of the individual
Who has become a god unto themselves...

For My children have removed
Themselves far from Me, searching
In vain for they know not what.

For I tell you the truth, what they call god is nothing! - Dead works, useless faith, all in all a leading away from The Truth; lies upon lies, deception hidden within deception, both great and subtle, vanity and vexation of spirit; falsehoods passed down from one generation to the next, deceptions built upon the ever-shifting sands of religion, philosophy and science, masquerading as truth!
For the evil one does indeed wear many disguises by which he ensnares the people, clever contrivances both subtle and obvious; stones of stumbling, rocks of offense, abominations hidden under the guise of peace and enlightenment, full of self and self-indulgence - DELUSION! Yet the fulfillment they seek through meditation and enlightenment leads only to spiritual starvation and bitter thirst, as they wander aimlessly through a vast desert of lies wherein all dead men’s bones are found, hidden within the mirage of inner peace.

Peoples of the earth, YahuShua HaMashiach
Is The Fulfillment of all things,
The Truth and Understanding you seek,
The Meaning of Life!...

HE is The Bread which came down
From Heaven to feed those who hunger,
The Fountain of Living Waters for those
Who thirst, The Prince of Peace...

The ONLY Way, The ONLY Truth, The ONLY Life...

Says The Lord God.

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