The Dust Has Been Shaken Off the Feet of God’s Messengers as a Testament Against You, O Churches of Men

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The Dust Has Been Shaken Off the Feet of God’s Messengers as a Testament Against You, O Churches of Men

7/16/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Hear the Word of The Lord, all you insolent children, and give ear, all you desolate houses, for thus says The Lord to those who dwell within the churches of men: Shall you come and stand before Me in your temples made by human hands, and say you are delivered, then go in that selfsame hour and pollute My name by all you say and do?! Desecration! Blasphemy![1]
How dare you kneel before Me in repentance, as a show before your brethren, adorning yourselves with pretense! You are not delivered! Your offerings are not accepted, neither will I hear your pleas. For you have surely taken the name of The Lord in vain! For not one of you strives to make your repentance full,[2] nor are you willing to forgive all who have sinned against you.[3] Thus your repentance has become unrepentance, and your words wind.

Behold, you quote My Word
Instant in and out of season,
Yet not one of you obeys My Word!...

As a wife who ceases not from committing
Adultery, you continue to defile My name
By your corrupt doctrines and filthy traditions,
Even to the embracing of all these
Holidays of men, which I hate!...

For they do remain atop your marred heads...

Says The Lord.

Churches of men, know you not, to worship anything or anyone other than The Father through The Son is false worship?! Know you not, to love any image or material possession more than Me is idol worship?! And to uphold any tradition which stems from idolatry is idolatry?! YOU WORSHIP YOURSELVES!
Churches of men, know you not, to speak of Me falsely or to call on My name in unbelief or for a pretense, or to associate My name or The Messiah’s with any doctrine or tradition which I have not decreed, is to take the name of The Lord in vain?! DESECRATION! ANTICHRIST!
Churches of men, know you not, the seventh day of the week is the day you shall remember and keep holy, and do no works therein[5] except that which is good and upholds the cause of the fatherless, the widow and the needy?![6] SUNDAY IS NOT THE SABBATH! SATURDAY YOU SHALL KEEP![7] For I do NOT change![8] Nor have I commanded any other day, neither has the thought entered My mind! How long shall you cleave to the harlot?! How long shall you walk in her ways?!
Churches of men, shall you continue to dishonor your father and mother, by all you say and do?! UNGRATEFUL HYPOCRITES! Shall you continue to commit murder?! For you hate the one who rebukes at the gate, and despise the one who speaks a message from God.[9] Thus in the hating of your brother, you are all guilty of murder in your hearts![10] Behold, even some of you, who call of yourselves Christian, are in favor of capital punishment. Yet again I say to you, even to murder the murderer is murder![11] Worse still there are some among you, who are in favor of this so-called right to choose! THEY HAVE CHOSEN DEATH! THEY HAVE SURELY CONDEMNED THEMSELVES! And all who cast their lot with those who murder the innocent shall be left outside The City![12] I AM THE LORD.
Churches of men, shall you continue to commit adultery in your hearts without pause?! Know you not, to even look upon another with lust in your heart is adultery?![13] Behold, even every doctrine and tradition born of men is adultery against God! How long shall you rob Me and steal from your neighbor, for you do always bear false witness of Me, lying to your neighbor and to yourself! For I tell you the truth, you know neither Me nor My will, nor have you heard My voice at any time! And shall you continue, without ceasing, to covet that which you do not possess?! Be set apart from this world, and come out of the churches of men. Only then will you begin to see, only then shall you receive ears to hear.

O arrogant generation, how shall
I humble you that you may be saved?!...

For I tell you the truth, only those who are
Truly converted in their hearts shall be delivered;[14]
Only those who have the Testimony of The Messiah
AND keep The Commandments[15] shall escape[16]...

Thus I have shaken the dust off the feet of
My messengers as a testament against you,[17]
I have set apart My elect...

And of your houses,
See, I have left them to you desolate[18]...

Says The Lord.

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