Trust Comes by Service and Sacrifice

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1/3/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Addendum to “Treasuries of Wrath and Mercy”)

Little flock, consider nothing you have done thus far as anything, except your reasonable service[1], says The Lord. Or is your love limited and your compassion conditional? When will you open to Me fully and be healed? When will your hearts burst inside you, setting you free?
Yet because you are dull of hearing, and your hearts remain calloused and hard, I tell you plainly, you live in kings’ houses! And to those of you who yet resist My words, I say this: Are not all your needs met, as though you dwell in the court? What lack have you, save that which remains wanting in your hearts? For I tell you the truth, ALL who forsake the poor and the needy, and the fatherless and the widow, do not know Me, and have no place with Me at My supper, until they become as those they have forsaken. For by no other means will they understand true compassion, unless they are made to suffer. I AM THE LORD.
Beloved, to drink of My blood is to receive of Me, to give up everything is to walk in Me, to suffer is to know Me, and to die for another is to know the depths of My love. Yet I do not ask you to die for another; only that you push through... That you shatter all this stained glass with which you have surrounded yourselves; that you be broken in pieces and truly become My disciples; that you love one another, even all those I send to you; that you surrender your lives and be created anew, trusting in Me to supply all that is needful, trust which comes by service and sacrifice.

Therefore hesitate not, for I am coming quickly!...
And though I seem to tarry in your eyes,
And though some of you fall away because of doubt,
Or on account of My many Letters which
I have spoken in My wrath, hold fast![2]...

For I shall surely call out, I shall surely gather My own!
Behold, I shall come with a shout and with
The sound of the great trumpet![3]...

Says The Lord.


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