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6/25/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servants: Beloved, prepare your hearts and do not abandon hope. Though much death draws near and the pain of death increases in every corner, though heavy sorrows overtake the land and tears fill your eyes, hold fast!... Little flock, stop grasping at My robes, grab hold of Me tightly! Hold fast and do not waver!
Beloved, embrace My words and also do them, obey all My commands, for I am with you. Stand up and walk in My ways, glorify My name by all you say and do. Speak of My love and sacrifice, of how I gave Myself for you... Beloved, speak in sincerity and in truth, call out to your kindred and countrymen! Trumpet My Word loudly by all manner of speaking and devices, and warn them from Me, for the time is at hand! Yet of the disobedient, let them grasp at My robes in the Day until they learn to no longer blaspheme, until they learn what it truly means to bear their cross after Me, says The Lord. And let those who know Me obey My Word, and grab hold of Me tightly, until they are lifted up. For I have already told you, the first harvest shall be lowly, of the lowly; and the second plenteous, of the refined and penitent.
For those who love Me give heed to My voice and follow after Me, in My very footsteps. They recognize those I send and the Word given them. Yes, these are they who keep The Commandments of God and testify of My glory without ceasing, and their testimony is true. Thus at the appointed time I will surely gather them to Myself, some before and many more after, for I know My own... Beloved, I know when each will come to Me, I know every trial and tribulation. Therefore, again I say to you, call on My name in this time of darkness, in this time of great calamity and fear. Hold fast through all these tears, endure in these times of trouble. For I tell you the truth, all foundations shall crack, the whole world shall crumble.

Yet fear not, My beloved ones, I have overcome the world!...

I hold the keys to death and Sheol,
And The Book of Life is held securely in My right hand;
I am The Restoration of All Things, Maker of Heaven and Earth!...

No one can steal you from My love!
No one can pluck you from My hand!
No one can break off what I have grafted in!...
For you are Mine, the apple of My eye,
Says The Lord YahuShua.


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