Treasuries of Wrath and Mercy

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1/3/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Sons and For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Behold! The time has come for wrath and for recompense, for the anger of The Lord to be put on open display!...

Therefore, thus says The Lord: My sons, trumpet My wrath and cause an uproar! Trumpet My wrath and reveal My anger; draw back from no man! Indeed serve My words hot, and let their palates be set ablaze by My fierce rebuke, as you strike down every scoffer with the word of My mouth! Show this most wicked generation no mercy in your speech, make no concessions, for My Word yields to no man and the time of ignorance is past!... Yet in these words alone shall mercy be found, in these words alone is there hope for the penitent: “REPENT! And turn from your evil ways!” - And all such similar words, which I have spoken and shall continue to speak. I am The Lord.
My sons, blow this trumpet continually upon the wall, making use of every platform at your disposal. For within you have I stoked the fire; fan these flames! And you, little flock, I call you to band together and take care of one another, uplifting My servants always in prayer. Take care of My lambs and feed My sheep, and provide what is needed for My messengers. Or did you not believe My words when I said that I will require more, even all you have? For the time of great testing has come, and those who have the voice of The Lord in their midst shall be tried by a greater line; much will be required of them. And though they be small in number, even smaller still, they shall surely be set on a hill.

Behold, My words are poured out like rain,
And My voice shakes the house like thunder!...
My every word, a hailstone released from the treasury of hail,
Which I have reserved for the Time of Trouble,
For the Day of Battle and War!...

My wrath, a consuming fire, a mighty earthquake,
Encompassing the breadth of the whole earth!

Yet I ask you, what is the treasury of My mercy reserved for those who repent? And what are the depths of My compassion for the little ones who suffer at the hands of men in this world? Does not My anger burn hot against all those who forsake or do harm to My little ones?! Are not many millstones prepared for those who have caused them to sin?![1] For I tell you the truth, their places are prepared in the depths of darkness, unless they repent and repay ten-fold for their evil deeds committed against the innocent! Says The Lord.


  • Treasuries of Wrath and Mercy


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