The Rod of Discipline

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The Rod of Discipline

3/22/08 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: When a child comes of age by sin and continues therein, despite the word of their parents or the Word of The Lord written in the Scriptures of Truth, they must be punished. Failing to respond with swift correction and discipline will only encourage further disobedience and sin.

You have heard it said, to spare the rod is to hate your child.[1] This Scripture is true. Yet I tell you the truth, the rod is discipline, and not that of physical punishment.
O vain and ignorant people, stop perverting the Scriptures of Truth! Humble yourselves, that you may gain wisdom! A child’s disobedience is brought forth from a troubled heart and an unsettled spirit, wrought in ignorance. How then shall a beating correct the heart, or striking them with a rod bring about a right spirit?!
Beloved, do not exasperate your children by bringing them into subjection by abuse. Rather take them by the hand, and lead them in the ways of The Lord, with love. For the love of a father is displayed in tenderness and kindness, and is also revealed through the correction and discipline of those he loves. Therefore, as it is written: Let the children first learn and show piety at home, and requite their parents, for this is good and acceptable before God.[2]

  1. Proverbs 13:24
  2. 1 Timothy 5:4

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