My Bride Is Chosen

From The Volumes of Truth

My Bride Is Chosen

10/27/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His Little flock: I am not at all satisfied with what I see. For you tread the line with one foot, and with the other you seek to run back into the world. Behold, you are about to stumble, into darkness you are about to wander... Into the valley of the shadow of death you are about to walk.
Beloved, did I not tell you that I would treat this little flock as I treated My people, Israel, in the wilderness? And is there not a prophet among you, even as Moses walked among Israel, repeating My every word to the multitude? Yet do not concern yourselves with their number, nor compare, but consider the message and look upon the example. For the size of a flock matters little. Rather it was the message and the example, which spoke throughout the generations. For the heart of every hearer is precious in My sight, yet those full of complaints shall be rebuked and chastened... Yet the heart of the scoffer is an abomination to The Lord. For I do not change.
Yes, I have indeed looked upon the sons of men, says The Lord, and who among them remains faithful? Who hangs upon My every word, that they might receive it fully? Who among men has devoted themselves to Me wholeheartedly? Little flock, did you think I had not seen it?! Did you think I would stay silent at a time such as this?! Even now I hear you saying within yourselves, “Speak no more the word of The Lord, lest I feel convicted and further burdened. Cast these cords from me, for the weight of this yoke is too heavy. I no longer wish to stand and bear it, I no longer wish to embrace it. Let me go my own way”... Thus like a flower springing up in a stony place, like the plant which has no depth of earth, so also are you, little flock. For your trust is easily toppled, and your faith withers for lack of water, for you have no root. Behold, many thorns have sprung up, yet you make no effort to break free!

Beloved, when will you open to Me?
When will you drink from this fountain?
When will you pick up your cross and follow after Me?
When will you stand up and proclaim My glory without reservation?...
Beloved, when will you come out from among them, and be joined unto Me?!...

The time has passed, beloved ones...

My bride is chosen.

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