Mistranslation and Misinterpretation Leading to Great Obscurity among Many Faces

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Mistranslation and Misinterpretation Leading to Great Obscurity among Many Faces

7/25/07 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For a Sister in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Regarding Genesis 9:20-27, where Noah drank too much wine, and Ham, his son, saw him naked and uncovered: Some churches and Christians believe and teach that Noah cursed Ham and his son because Ham committed a homosexual act with Noah, while Noah was drunk from the wine. Others believe that Ham had sexual relations with his mother, while Noah was drunk from the wine, and this is why Canaan and Ham were cursed. And still others believe that Ham impregnated his mother, while Noah was drunk from the wine, who later gave birth to Canaan. These same churches use Leviticus as so-called “evidence” for their beliefs.

Question asked by Timothy, for a sister in Christ: Lord, are these teachings correct?

Thus says The Lord: Beloved one, hear and understand that which I have spoken through Timothy already. And be very careful that you do not deny My Word, nor add to, nor take away from it. For I am The Lord, and I do not change. And if I do not change, then I shall surely correct and discipline My own; even to the rebuking of all these churches of men, who do always speak in My name without permission, willfully forgetting that no prophecy of Scripture is to be interpreted by an individual on his own. For no prophecy or Scripture has ever come about by the power of man’s will. Rather those chosen were given ears to hear My voice, and by the power of My spirit, according to My will, they shared My message.[1]

Therefore here is truth and wisdom concerning these blasphemies, of which you have accepted: In the days of Noah there was much violence and great perversion upon the face of the earth, and so the wrath of God came upon all the inhabitants of the earth in those days. And none were saved except those counted worthy to escape, those who had walked uprightly before Me, obeying My every word. These, having hearts which were right and good, were spared.
Yet I tell you, if even one of these eight souls were not of a right heart, they would have by no means entered the ark. For all appointed to wrath received of wrath and were consumed. Yet these eight lived not as the multitude, but stood apart, choosing rather to trust in My voice and obey My commands, and it was accounted to them as righteousness. So then by no means did these of Noah’s household commit that which is a disgrace to their parents and to themselves, committing that which is altogether worthy of death.

Beloved, you see with tainted eyes, through a veil of purple and scarlet;
Remove this veil, and see with new eyes and restored vision;
Discern rightly and look upon My words as they are,
And not as you or the churches would have them be...

For My Word is pure, and I am indeed
A shield to those who put their trust in Me.

Therefore do not add to My words, lest I rebuke you and you be found a liar, as it is written.[2] For only I may add to My Word, yea, an unveiling of the Word’s majesty, both subtle and brilliant, that you may have greater understanding. I alone shall take what man has made crooked, and set it straight once again. For I tell you the truth, the translations of men are greatly erred, which leads to an even greater misinterpretation of My Word by the churches of men, who seek not the Truth as it is but long for that which is malleable, embracing only that which yields to their own perverse desires and expectations.
Beloved, hear and understand, and grow wise according to this wisdom I have given you, and no more listen to the churches of men. Be wary of their scholars, and stop your ears from hearing the arrogant speeches of all these men in authority; be wary and vigilant. For they hold tightly to singleness of doctrine, teaching always that which is built upon the corrupt knowledge and vain understanding of men, men who refuse to let go of that which was passed down to them by their forefathers, by which they also remain blind, doctrines and traditions I hate! For they hold onto judgment, seeking always to expose the darkness in men, though they themselves continue to embrace every contemptuous word and deed, perverting My Word and polluting My name before many witnesses. Thus the day is coming and is already here, when all they have wrought in My name shall be tried, it shall surely be tested, and found wanting, declares The Lord.

Beloved, you lack knowledge and have no understanding; you know not the will of The Most High God. Therefore I will speak plainly, that you may discern your error and repent: There is no mention of a forbidden sexual act, nor the “uncovering of one’s nakedness” as it is ambiguously referred to in certain translations of men. Rather Ham saw his father naked, and then told his brothers, as it is written.[3] Thus Noah’s anger was not aroused because of an act worthy of death, but on account of shame. And it was I, by Noah, who cursed Canaan, the father of the Canaanites, according to that which was yet to be. For that which was spoken through Noah was according to prophecy, which later came to be written and was also fulfilled. I AM THE LORD.

Therefore again I say to you,
Even to all who call of themselves Christian,
Stop adding to and taking away from My Word,[4]
To uphold your own perverse way!...

Says The Lord.

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