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10/5/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

A brother in Christ asked: Hey Timothy, I’m being faced with a few dilemmas: A close friend made me the godfather of her son. They are having a birthday celebration for him this Sabbath, then having him christened at a local church. I’ve been praying about this, and feel that it would be okay to go to the birthday, but I’m not sure about the christening. I want to do what is right in The Lord’s sight, having proper reasoning for my decision.

[The Lord answered] My son, before you have I set many things of great importance, yet I have heard no answer, nor have you offered yourself in place of your lack. And now you ask of obedience, stumbling over those things from which you were to remain separate. Therefore, this is My answer: One who serves Me in truth must show themselves fully worthy, embracing the call of The Lord wholeheartedly, or how shall I send them? (I speak not of being made worthy according to My sacrifice, but of giving up your life in this world for My sake, loving Me more than these, bearing your cross after Me.)
Behold, I shall soon speak, and in a loud voice I shall reveal My will through My servant, and he shall write[1]. And the line shall be drawn, it shall be set, and no one shall pass over it. For lo, I tell you a mystery: Those who depart and obey My voice will pass to one side, and those who refuse to the other; one on this side, and many on the other. And those who pass over to those who remain on this side shall escape. Yet those who refuse My voice, even to rebel against Me, shall remain on their own part, on the other side of the line which The Lord shall draw... By this shall the inner court and the outer court be measured. And all found on the outer court shall surely die. For they remain outside, though they hold fast inside these houses called by My name, whose doctrines and traditions I hate, placing all their faith in a house doomed to destruction which must shortly be torn down. Yet those who come out from among them shall enter the inner court, though they are seen as outcasts and heretics. These shall surely live, escaping all these things which I am about to do. I am The Lord.

[A brother in Christ] Amen. I may have been foolish, I am not seeing with greater eyes. Is that birthday on the Sabbath wrongful also? I’m so caught up on these small matters. This is not good.

[The Lord] My son, a wise servant who lacks understanding seeks out a prophet of The Lord who is true, that he might receive understanding by the word of My mouth. Yet wiser still is the man who seeks out the things of God by way of Him who was sent and is about to return, that he might understand by the word of The Lord spoken already. For any plate left uneaten quickly grows cold, and is thrown to the dogs after the guests have departed, says The Lord.


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