Timothy's Dream about YahuShua, Who Is Called Jesus and Christ - The Letters Started with This Dream

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Timothy's Dream about YahuShua, Who Is Called Jesus and Christ - The Letters Started with This Dream

Spring 2004 - Timothy’s Dream about YahuShua, Who Is Called Jesus and Christ
(The Letters started with this dream)

I was standing in the middle of a small street, in the downtown area of a town that looked European (I wasn’t sure where I was). It was getting dark. There was no one around but one other person standing near me, about fifteen feet away. This person didn’t speak, nor did I know who it was. I then noticed a large board standing up, with only a few bricks holding it up at its base. I knew behind it was a moving truck, but I couldn’t see it. Then I suddenly realized... Jesus is in the back of that truck! I ran over, calling, “Jesus, don’t leave!” When I reached the big wooden board, I noticed I had a brick in my hand with an arrow on it. I placed the brick at the base of the board. Then the truck pulled away.
I was going to run after it, but there was a barricade in the street blocking me, so I yelled, “Jesus, come back!” The truck stopped and began backing up. I noticed the back of the moving van’s door was made of glass. Behind it sat Jesus in a nice chair. Several others were in the back of the truck, seemingly sitting higher than Jesus, (similar to stadium seating, but in the dark). I couldn’t see them very well.
When the truck stopped, it was still about twenty yards away. The door opened, and Jesus jumped out. He was dressed as a modern man and clean-shaven. He beckoned to me, and said, “Come to Me, Timothy.” I went around the barricade and ran to Him. When I reached Him, I both fell down and fell at His feet to worship Him. He touched my head, then lifted me up, and said, “Join Me in the truck. I have much to tell you.” I sat on the floor of the back of the truck, and He sat back in the nice chair. I stared intently at Him and listened with all my might, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not hear Him, even though I saw His mouth moving.
After He finished speaking, we got out. We were then standing in the street again. I ran over to Him, and put my arms around Him, and squeezed Him as hard as I could, never wanting to let go. He hugged me also, and while pushing me back gently, said, “Timothy, you must stay here for a little longer... I will return.” He got back into the truck, and it drove away.

Note: After the dream, I woke up to give my son a bottle. During this short time, I prayed that The Lord might tell me my dream’s meaning. When I fell back to sleep, I had exactly the same dream again, but this time a voice said, “Listen, as I give you your dream’s interpretation.”

(Interpretation: Hold Steadfast to Your Faith in The Messiah, Who Is Called Christ)

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