The Valley of Discontent

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The Valley of Discontent

8/20/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Is there not a prophet among you, that you might seek him out to know My will? And who is a prophet of The Most High God? Who have I declared, and who among this generation have I appointed to speak for Me? Is there not one among you, who I have commanded to write My words in a book? Or have you taken it upon yourselves to stand in his stead?

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, for thus says The Lord: Each of you seek your own will. You follow the counsels and dictates of your own hearts, always seeking but never finding, listening but failing to hear. Yet from the beginning I taught you, speaking to you of that which pleases Me, of that which is right and good in My eyes.
Beloved ones, I do not stand divided against Myself. Neither shall I break faith with that which I have spoken, neither the former nor the latter. Therefore have your wanton desires come full circle; thus has your selfishness brought you to this place. For you have become as those who say, “Do not prophesy to us right things. Speak only pleasant words. Tell us what we want to hear.” Yet The Word of God has spoken; the Scriptures do not lie, and My every Letter is Truth.
Behold, I have put forth a great multitude of words to bless you, a great number of loving and stern speeches. I have called this generation to repent, and have given ample warning. And those who cupped their ears heard My voice, and those who received of Me wrote My words in their heart, sincerely seeking to do them, that they might honor Me and bring glory to My name.
Yet many in this little flock have given the scoffer occasion to blaspheme, doing those things which I did not command - always running ahead or lagging behind, never content to walk beside Me, unwilling to accept Me as I truly am.

Beloved, awake! For I tell you the truth, ALL have entered in! Yes, you reside in the Day of The Lord, you walk in the Day of Troubles already; and behold, the Great and Terrible Day is close at hand. It is awesome and dreadful, and shall be very terrible, the Day in which all shall be tried, when all things are tested, the Day in which all the works of men shall burn.

And there is but One Escape...

Whether one lives or dies,
There is but One Salvation...

No matter the time or the season,
There is but One...

Declares The Almighty.

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