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11/11/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding requests to join online fellowship)

Thus says The Lord: Beloved, the time has passed. My spirit is removed, My hand withdrawn, and soon the door must be shut. Therefore, the door to this table is shut also. Have I not provided a bounty? Have I not poured out and sent forth the call? Therefore, let those who have come out abide in Me until the time, and eat also of this bread I have provided. For I shall be with them, yes, even I Myself shall be with them, close at hand, and they shall fellowship with Me in the secret place. They have all they need.
Thus I have shut the door to this table, that it may be for a testimony of that which is coming quickly and of that which I am about to do, says The Lord. For I have made you an example, even from the beginning, and to the end shall you serve Me as such... Living examples, My messengers, to whom I have revealed My goings out and comings in, even to the revealing of My plans through My servants, the prophets, before the time.

Yet those who reject Me and My word, even this blessing which I have given to this generation, let them walk through dry places, for I have left them desolate. And so they must walk, they must tread the path they have chosen, until the time be changed, until they are broken without hand. I AM THE LORD.
Beloved, fear none of these who push out the lip. Rather pray for them, and let them go their way, for they have surely rebelled against Me. Beloved, trust in My ways. Am I not their Father also? Am I not He who formed them and gave them breath? Therefore, trust them all into My hands. For My judgment is right, and My punishments just, My ways true... Trust them all into My hands, for I am not at all finished with them.

Therefore, again I say to all those who have ears to hear,
Seek not the table, but He who sits at it...

Says The Lord.


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