The Hypocrite’s Portion

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The Hypocrite’s Portion

8/20/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord against every church of men, against all those who falsely call of themselves by My name: I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against Me; they have altogether forsaken Me for their own way!... Foolish and disobedient children!
They refuse to listen, for by their own hearts are they led. Yes, they follow the dictates of their own hearts, and give heed to their own self-serving desires; to their own voices they give heed. They listen only to the sound of their own voices!... Therefore, all I have spoken against them shall surely come upon them.

My children are foolish and have
Gone astray, with no one to lead them!...

They have released their grasp
And hold fast to one another;
They are married to their own expectations!
They know not how to discern
Their right hand from their left...

Therefore, all I have spoken against them
Shall surely come upon them.

I had called them to be blameless in the world and to be at peace, to do justly and love mercy, to walk humbly with their God. Yet they could by no means sit still, nor were they at ease. Rather they have gone out polluting My name and desecrating My words in Scripture! For they have hated both Me and My will, and in their hearts My prophet has altogether become as Micaiah, who was hated by the king for speaking the Truth as he heard from God![1]... Therefore, all I have spoken against them shall surely come upon them.

Behold, they walk in the valley
Of their own choosing, and have rejected
That which I, Myself, had provided for them!...

And one who mistreats My gifts shall
By no means retain them...

And that which is given shall not be owned,
As though one had received it by their own power;
Rather it is to be cherished, with thanksgiving...

And one who takes and corrupts My gifts,
For their own gain, shall be left desolate.

And who are all these who ignore good and wise counsel, while seeking to assert their own authority? I did not send them, yet they went out. I Myself called to them, yet voices on the wind drew them away. And who are all these who have raised their voices against My servants, while polluting My name and Scripture?! Have you not also departed from your Husband, even as the unbeliever?! Thus those who were to be without blame have given many others cause to blaspheme My name, to disregard My prophet on their account!... This should not be!
Yet what place do the disobedient have with Me, and what portion do the insolent share in? Have they not made their decisions clear and their unbelief known? Is it not revealed plainly, as though it were worn upon the sleeve?

For I tell you, all who disobey My voice,
In favor of their own way, shall not
Hear My voice when the shout is made;
And all who forsake the little ones
Shall also be forsaken...

Yet every lamb is Mine...

Yes, every lamb shall be gone from this place!
And who in all the earth is able to prevent Me?
Who is able to move Me aside?!...

For I shall surely do My own pleasure, I shall surely
Uphold My every word and complete MY will;
MY name shall be exalted in all the earth!...

Says The Lord.

  1. 1 Kings 22:5-18

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