The Heart of the Matter

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The Heart of the Matter

1/31/11 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: I have mourned, yet who has offered to wipe My tears? I was poured out, mocked, beaten and scourged, pierced, yet who has come forward to kiss My wounds?
Behold, My own people reject Me! And those who call of themselves Christian have hated both Me and My Word, refusing to walk in My ways, nor will they receive correction! Behold, even now they persecute Me, slandering all those I send - their hearts consumed with envy, their eyes blazing with contempt!
Therefore what more shall be done, beloved? What more shall I speak? What more will they hear, if they reject that which has already been given?

And what of you, beloved? You have indeed entered in, yet who among you has mourned or stopped to consider? For I tell you the truth, you also push out the hand as you refuse to be broken, you also deny Me in favor of your own way.
Behold, pretense and hypocrisy abound, yes, even among you, little flock. For each of you look outwardly, as you lean upon the perceived faith and knowledge of others. You accept little and eat even less, refusing accountability. And when you partake of My words, you read them as one afar off, as one who hears yet only slightly, straining to listen only when it suits you, partaking of My Word as one devours a piece of fruit. How then shall I heal you? How then shall you shed the skin of this world and be set free?
Little flock, how is it you exalt yourselves above the churches, though your eyes remain dim and your ears dull, seeing and hearing yet only in part? Have you forgotten the line, by which those who have the Word of God in their midst are tried,[1] and the time of testing which was to come and is now here?
Beloved ones, the time has passed for the churches of men. Will you also come running at the last moment, only to find the door is shut to you also? The Day of The Lord is here! Yet not one of you trembles, not one has rushed out to warn their neighbor. Even among your beloved, of whom you say you love, you have yet to speak to the heart of the matter.
Yet you say, “Look at us! We have seen and heard. Behold, we are the real church, The Lord’s body, a church without walls.” Yet I tell you the truth, you have closed yourselves in, rebuilding every wall which I have torn down.
Thus I am about to shut the door to this table, little flock; I must bring these banquets to a close. What then shall you do when there is no one left to feed you, no one upon which to lean?
Yet there is a fellowship which remains most needful, a private place reserved for My people, a banquet which was prepared from the beginning, given freely to all who hunger and thirst. Yet who among you has truly desired to know it?

Beloved, I seek not a relationship
Of convenience, nor a kiss on the cheek
As you swiftly pass Me by...

I seek union...

Therefore, I ask you once again,
Do you really love Me?

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