The Fatherless Widow

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The Fatherless Widow

10/8/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
(Regarding the churches of men and their rejection of this Word)

Thus says The Lord: My sons and daughters, take this knowledge you have received in Me, and discern. Anoint your eyes with this salve I have given you, and now see. Come to see with My eyes; see, beloved! See with your hearts and quiet your minds, that you may understand. Yes, let your hearts be troubled, let the tears flow, and wail over your brothers and sisters in the churches. Wail, be broken in pieces on their behalf, that you may know what My love is, that your hearts may come to beat in sync with Mine. For they have departed from Me!
Beloved, I do not know them! Such sorrow and bitter tears, I do not know them! Great enmity has come up between us! For they remain lovers of the world, ensnared by the things of this world and men! Beloved, they have forsaken Me! Behold, they have turned to Me the back and not the front! For I have reached out My hand to them, yet they turn away, refusing Me, seeing only cords of which they despise and endeavor to cut. Beloved, they have hated the sound of My voice, and do always hold out the hand against the leading of My spirit! Such sorrow, such enmity and tears, I weep for them!
Beloved, I have counted their tears also, in number very few, for My tears they have not known. How then shall I heal them? How then shall they receive ears to hear? For their hearts remain cold, without feeling, unyielding to the call of God, a hard and proud people who bear false witness in My name without ceasing. They retain no love for God in their hearts, nor do they love their neighbor, even to the forsaking of the poor and the needy. And of the cause of the widow and the fatherless, they care not, nor do they contend on their behalf, unwilling to lift even one finger to aid them.

Therefore, thus says The Lord: I am come to make them poor, to leave them desolate. Even now they are in severe lack and remain void of the Spirit, and know it not. And behold, the day is coming and draws very near, when they shall be in need and no one will come to aid them. For I am no more their Father, and they are no more My people, says The Lord. For they have played the harlot; indeed, they have rebelled against Me, and have played the harlot with many lovers!

Thus those who were to be the bride shall become the widow;
She shall altogether become as one who mourns the loss of her husband,
As one who seeks after her beloved, yet he can not be found...

And so shall it remain until her day comes and is fulfilled,
When she once again cries out in the streets,
“Blessed is He who comes in the name of The Lord!”

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