The Breach

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The Breach

5/6/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God of Israel, to the generation of the slaughter: I have come down to you, and with brevity I speak to you. With shortness of speech and in a very stern voice, I have proclaimed your error. Is not the will of The Most High written in His Book? Are not My decrees made known, even My Law? Lo, even within you did I place discernment, that you may know right from wrong, that you may choose the good and refuse the evil.
Yet what is this before My eyes, day and night?! What is this you have chosen?! Look at what you embrace, O most wicked generation!... You have hated justice, and The Promise is a loathsome sore in your eyes! You rage against My covenants and My people you do hate; My messengers are loathed in all the earth! The cause of the needy and the widow you have not known, and from the fatherless you withdraw your hand! You have forsaken and murdered the innocent; your feet stand in pools of their blood!

Your sins gather in strength; night and day
They increase and testify to your demise!...

The stain of death covers you, the pit beckons you!...

Behold, a fissure has formed beneath your feet,
The gap widens quickly!...

Lo, in the midst of you a great valley has emerged,
Deep darkness and death spreads forth in every direction,
Multitudes of dead and dry bones!...

Yet you refuse to see, neither will you listen!
For you have grown accustomed
To the sound of wailing,
And the silence of death pleases you!...

Therefore, FALL!...

Says The Lord.

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