Stealing from the Power of the Cross

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7/10/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior ­- Wisdom Given to Timothy Regarding Baptism, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Addendum to “The True Baptism”)

Listen, all you who hold baptism in such high regard, even as a measuring stick by which you count others worthy or unworthy unto God, according to your own perverse interpretation of Scripture, for here is wisdom: Whosoever God has cleansed is worthy; you shall not call them unworthy. For baptism by water was given to men, as an outward testimony of one’s commitment to God in The Messiah’s name, grafted in; and also for union in fellowship within the body of Messiah. Therefore, be wary of any doctrine which steals from the power of the cross, as though the sacrifice of The Messiah was not enough, lest you fall under judgment for that by which you have judged.

What is earthly, let it stay earthly;
And what is spiritual, let it stay spiritual...
Hold not to the earthly or to the understanding of men,
Nor grab hold of any private interpretation of
Scripture or established doctrine...

Hold fast to God!...

Place all your trust in The Messiah!


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