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12/25/04 From Jesus The Christ, YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For Craig, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: It is written, “Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you”... My son, I am The Answer you search for, I am The Truth you seek! Ask of Me, My son, for I am The Way! Receive of Me, beloved, for by My life are you saved!

My son, all that is, is known to Me; and all that exists is because of Me; and all that shall be is held firmly in My right hand. Therefore, he who abides in The Lord shall reside in the presence of The Almighty, and shall be given knowledge and receive understanding. In that day he shall be perfected in The Beloved, and receive the fullness of My spirit, seeing Me as I truly am.
Thus those who are yet void of the Spirit must continually seek Me, and they too shall find Me, for I have written all in My Book. Yet those who read the word of The Lord must also believe it, or how shall they know Me? For those who truly know Me seek to abide in My love. Yet how can one remain in My love, if they do not obey My Commandments? For My grace descends upon all who repent in sincerity and in truth, and My Spirit dwells within those who keep My Commandments.

My son, receive of Me,
Then will that which you seek become clear to you...

For what you long for you do not yet understand,
For your heart’s true desire can not be found in the world...

Therefore, seek God!...

And believe also in His Son.

Search not in the world, My son, for there you will not find Me, for The Kingdom of God resides in you. Therefore do not place any trust in the devices of man, for the things of this world deceive you. And listen not to those who teach the doctrines of men within the churches, and turn away quickly from all this modern ideology, for it is poison. Close your eyes to all these images on the screen, shut your ears to the noise of this world, and separate yourself from all these mocking voices, for the evil one is at present the lord of the air. For every evil seed, planted within the heart of man, is of the one called evil and lying. From the beginning he was a liar, and from the beginning he planted wickedness in My garden, for it is written, “There is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is only doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar. Indeed, he is the father of all lies!”
Therefore, embrace only that which is good and comes from The Father, for God is love, and that which He sends is Spirit and Truth. Thus all things conceived of by men, whose hearts are evil and wicked, bring forth the works of the evil one and lead only to suffering and death, for from the beginning satan was also a murderer. Yet those things conceived of by men whose hearts have been remade in The Lord, restored in My image, bring forth the works of God, and are life!... Bearing fruit in love, with compassion and mercy, leading to forgiveness and joy, healing and much rejoicing.
And by these things shall you also be led, even as you in like manner are to lead those around you, if you so choose to walk in the ways of The Lord. Yet remember this: Those who boast of their own works, in God’s name, are prideful. They are wicked and seek only after the praises of men, as they secretly lust for power, that they might gain authority over them. Yet those who boast only of The Lord’s works, for your sake, are humble and seek to honor Me. In these pride is far removed, for those who give Me glory offer up worship and praise, without ceasing. To the likes of these listen closely, for they desire to be like Me, as they strive daily to walk in My footsteps... Behold, they seek The Kingdom of Heaven and My righteousness, and salvation has become their close companion.

Therefore, do not worry, because you do not have all the answers, or be upset because you do not yet fully understand the truth... For The Lord your God is Truth, even as I am The Truth. For all knowledge resides within The Father, even as I am in The Father and He is in Me... Thus I am also The Answer.

My son, have faith and you shall be set free,
For it is the humble, penitent man who shall see God...

Behold, he shall look upon My face, as I restore him in My image...

For I am the image of The Invisible God,
The perfect reflection of The Father,
The face of The Majesty from on High...

Immanu El.

Therefore, open your heart to Me and I shall come in, and you shall be Mine as I create you anew, causing those things of the world which distract you to fade, that the truth may now shine within you without restraint, as you share The Gospel of My love, unhindered... Let go, My son! Come to your Lord as a child! Look upon those with simple minds, see how easily they come to Me; and consider those of intellect, see how they struggle as they run from Me.
Craig, My son, you have already found Me... Now cast off these shackles, for your own thoughts hold you captive! Depart from all this philosophy and worldly knowledge, and come to Me empty. For you need not understand My ways to receive of Me; you need only accept Me as I am, and trust. I know how you thirst... Come to Me and drink! I will fill your cup, and it shall overflow! For I am The Water of Life! Yes I, Christ Jesus, YahuShua your Lord and Savior, have taken your place! I carried the burden of your sin! I died for you, My son, and in My blood I have washed you!... Yet you must accept these robes of white, they are My gift to you.
Yet any gift demanded of another is no gift at all, and anyone forced to receive a gift never truly receives it. Therefore confess your sin, for I am He who is faithful to forgive your sin. Accept this gift and believe in Me, and give up your life for My sake, even as I poured out Mine for you, and you shall surely be healed... Behold, even these scales shall fall from your eyes, then shall the shades be drawn back, revealing the brilliance of this truth, even in the full light of My coming!

Ears open, My son...

For truly I say to you, your life of old must die,
Your old man must pass away,
To dwell with The Lord in His sanctuary...

Trust in Me, for I know you are weak;
Embrace My strength, and together shall we begin anew.

My son, you can taste of The Kingdom now, for I am with you. I am also coming quickly, and behold, the Kingdom of Heaven follows Me... Come to the gates! Bring your invitation! For I have written it upon your heart! My son, did you not know I am He through whom you were made? For even before the foundation of the world, I knew you and loved you, holding you fast in the palm of My right hand... Beloved, I am The Way, The Truth and The Life! Behold, I am life everlasting! And he who believes in Me shall receive of My life, and live forever!
Behold, The Father has provided The Way, yet the peoples of this world do not seek Me, and those called by My own name do not know Me. And so men continue to create religion to reach God, yet their hope is in vain, for God has sent His Only Begotten Son to reach men... What are all these corrupt religions of the world to The Father? Are they not but dust and wind? Has He not made the world and everything in it?! And was it not God alone who separated right from wrong, also dividing the light from the darkness?!
Behold, The Way is before all men, you only need take it... One Path, One Way! For those who consider another way or tread another path will remain lost, and those who consider many roads will only be led into confusion. For indeed there are a multitude of paths set before you, many ways to follow, yet only one shall bring you into salvation... Only one leads to life.
If you then forsake The Highway of Holiness, which The Lord has laid, then I ask you, what path do you tread? For if God has laid every brick in the one and only true path, and swept it clean in the blood of The Son, then every other path is a lie, full of debris, a false way created by the evil one. For this is the crooked path filled with pain and much sorrow, full of stumbling, the wide path leading to destruction, says The Lord.

Only The Lord can lift up the fallen, cleanse the unclean,
And restore those, who have been led astray, to His right hand...

He, alone, heals the sick and restores the lame;
He, alone, has come to seek and save the lost,
Delivering those who stand near to destruction,
Guiding those who are found in Him...

Therefore take The Father’s hand, for He is strong!...

All things are possible with Him.

Lift up your head and rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh!
Hear the call of The Most High, for it comes from within!...

Behold, the time has come,
For all the children of God to return home
And be seated at The Father’s table.


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