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11/30/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: What is a son who is mindful of his father’s ways, who pays close attention to his every word? Or a servant, who seeks only to serve his master? Or a faithful bride, who seeks always to please her husband in all her ways, whether he is near or far, in her presence or soon returning? Beloved ones, be mindful of these things and grow in wisdom, abide in trust and do not waver; be at peace. For I am indeed coming quickly, and My reward is with Me.
And behold, I am also coming to repay the nations, for all their forsaking of Me. Therefore sing for Me, beloved, stand up and blow the Trumpet. For the day is coming quickly, and is already here, when I shall place My voice within My servants, and together we shall speak as one. Therefore do not draw back, but lean forward, cup your ears and listen to the sound of My voice; be attentive and wide awake. For the time has come for Me to claim My own, to call them out and gather them together.
Therefore search your hearts and know Me, embrace Me as I truly am. Beloved, stop looking forward, as though I am afar off. Cease from looking backward, as though I am somehow beyond your reach - Look, here I am! See no more through the eyes of man, for flesh and blood deceive you. And by NO means am I that which men in authority have spoken concerning Me; the “Jesus” of the churches of men looks nothing like Me!

Beloved, wipe your eyes, and see!
Unstop your ears, and hear!
Open your hearts, and know, I AM HE!...

The Only Begotten of The Father,
The One True God and Savior, The Mashiach,

Immanu El!

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