Prized Possessions

From The Volumes of Truth

Prized Possessions

5/1/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

I am The Lord, and I have seen that which plagues the hearts of men. Behold, each one turns against his own brother, each quarrels with his own neighbor. For the heart of man has become as that of a brute beast who roams the waste places, as one lost in the vastness of desolate lands. For he searches in vain for he knows not what, as he gives heed to every corrupt thought and evil intention, pursuing every perverse desire, embracing every strange lust. For I have indeed withdrawn My spirit, My hand is removed from this wicked people, for they are a most rebellious generation.
Thus I have turned to this world My back, that it may be left to its own devices, that it may follow the course it has chosen to its own hurt. For by the word of My mouth and by the pen of My prophets I have declared the season, even all signs and wonders which shall precede My coming. And according to My will shall all things come to pass, even before the eyes of this most arrogant and deceived generation. Yet My words have fallen on deaf ears, and My warnings have gone greatly unheeded. For they do have eyes, yet refuse to see; they have ears, yet refuse to hear. Thus My wrath shall catch them unawares.

For as a thief in the night enters a
House unseen, for no one keeps watch,
So also will I come upon this most wicked generation...

I shall come in unseen, and take from
Them My most prized possessions,
Stealing away all My treasured ones!...

Behold, I shall plunder and pillage the earth,
And take My spoil!...

Says The Lord.

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