Offenses Must Come

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Offenses Must Come

7/4/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My son, I have called you to trumpet, to proclaim the Truth, to set all these crooked paths straight according to that which I have spoken to this generation; to be that example which also speaks to the truth of who I am, testifying by action according to the Spirit and The Word of Truth, to the bearing of much fruit in The Beloved. Yet by cleverness of words and witty speeches, which are void of the Spirit, have you caused offenses, as though My words were not enough. Indeed offenses shall come, let them come, yet they shall not come by My servant’s words, but by My Word alone.
My son, I have called you out. And you shall indeed be as a watchman for My people, that you may aid My servant in the blowing of this Trumpet. Therefore this is the food, with which you shall feed them: My Word, and My Word alone, lest you be exalted in your own name.
For by My Word alone shall the sleepers be awakened, and by My Word alone shall the rebellious be warned. Even some shall be brought forward because of this, and they shall blaspheme My words, that the hidden state of their heart may be exposed. I AM THE LORD.
Thus My servants shall cause no offense at all, save that which comes by the trumpeting of this Word. And of those who come forward, who are offended in Me because of My words, take nothing to yourself, lest you disavow the promises which must be met, for which you are also called.
Again I say to you, let no guile be found in your mouth. Let only the song of The Lamb be upon your lips, as you blow this Trumpet to all within your reach. And when one who claims to know Me comes and asks you for more, feed them from My plate. And when they take offense and seek to cast down My words, warn them from Me, then quickly turn away as you shake the dust off your feet. For they fight not against you, but against Me, says The Lord.

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