I Shall Bring My Hand Against ALL Nations Who Have Forsaken Me

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I Shall Bring My Hand Against ALL Nations Who Have Forsaken Me

1/14/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This question was asked of The Lord: Lord, was the earthquake in Haiti part of Your judgment?

[The Lord answered] From Haiti also have I removed My hand. For the multitude of their idols have I turned My face from them, and because of all their evil deeds have I forsaken them in My anger, says The Lord.
Yet grieve not over all these dead, for by no means does death have the last word. Rather wail and pray for those who remain. Wail on behalf of those who refuse Me, and double for those who continue to rebel against Me, says The Lord. For they shall suffer the full weight of My wrath upon the nations.

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, O peoples of the earth; awake and behold the signs, for The Lord God testifies against you: I am The Lord and I have purposed, and I shall bring My hand against ALL nations who have forsaken Me! For the nations of the earth parade their whoredoms before Me continually! Greedily do they heap to themselves perversions of every kind, eagerly do they run to commit every sin I hate, practicing abomination to their own hurt! Behold, they celebrate their filthiness at noonday, and at night they revel in all their uncleanness!
Peoples of the earth, how long shall you tempt The Lord your God?! For I can no longer bear the sight of you! Behold, I have given you many days to repent, yet you only increase in your rebellion against Me, putting evil for good and good for evil, darkness for light and light for darkness, making for yourselves laws that you might continue in all your fornications and walk proudly in your abominations! WICKEDNESS OVERFLOWS! It is not at all hidden!

Thus in My bitterness I have forsaken you for a time,
In My disgust I have turned to you the back, until the day
My anger is revealed and My power is put on open display...

For the Day of Recompense draws near,
And shall continue until the consummation...

The day I take vengeance upon My enemies and repay
The nations for all their forsaking of Me, the day I stretch
Out My hand against the inhabitants of the earth...

Says The Lord God.

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