Hidden Treasures in the Fields of the First Harvest

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Hidden Treasures in the Fields of the First Harvest

3/26/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For Those in Men’s Fellowship, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

My sons, trust in My ways and look not to your own, says The Lord. For I do indeed have many hidden treasures in this field. Thus I am sending you out to seek the few, that I may bless them by you. It is not the many for which you are sent out this day, but the few.

Therefore, this is what I command you: Go to the college nearby, and go into every open building, seeking a place to display My Word. Be attentive, break not the rules, nor disobey any guideline. For that done which is acceptable shall remain for the next passerby, and that removed due to a violation profits no one.

So then do as I command you;
Neither add to, nor take away;
Be watchful and wide awake.

For there are many treasures round about, many who seek Me in dry places, many who have yet to be found. You will not find them all this day, neither shall you be led to each one. Rather it is I who shall call them out. I, Myself, shall breach the barrier, which surrounds their hearts; I alone shall cause them to see and take notice; behold, even I shall draw them to this Word, both those who will hear and those who will forbear.
Therefore go with joy on your faces, and with eagerness in your hearts, and share My gifts. And when it is accomplished, then you may go and do as you please. Yet understand this: It is not My will that each one you meet leave contented or reveal their gratitude, only that the message be placed in their hands. For I am The Lord, and My Word always convicts.

Therefore let all things be separated,
Let all choose and make their decision;
Let the first harvest be separated, bundled and taken,
And let the rest be left to be purged by fire...

For you, My sons, are sent to divide
The harvest, not to bring it in...

For again I say to you,
Many are called, yet few are chosen...

Says The Lord.

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