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3/7/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: Why do My people step backward in astonishment? Why are they taken aback by My words spoken to this generation, as though I have now become their enemy? Is it not rather you who have made yourselves enemies of God?! For I tell you the truth, by your many adulteries you have revealed who is first, and by your rebellion you have declared your allegiance! Yet you can only serve one master. Thus you, My people, have made your choice, for you are not My people!
Yet those who remain in My love[1] have chosen their need, even of that which is most needful, in where My clay must be remolded fully, until every last vessel of honor is completed and set upright. Yet the vessels of wrath shall never be established; they shall be ground to dust beneath My feet!
Behold, even now their life pours out of them! For pride strangles the strongest among them, arrogance eats the flesh of the mighty man, and the proud look of the oppressor shall bring desolations and plagues upon him! For The Lord your God is great in power, and the strength of The Lord is made ready! The Word of The Lord has spoken and shall surely strike through, from the piercing of the heart to the stealing of the breath!
For this most wicked generation has surely robbed Me; thus I shall also rob them! Says The Lord. Their lives are forfeit, and shall be required of them in one day! Behold, in a day they did not look for, and at a time they did not expect, their hearts shall be stilled in death and their breath shall flee away!
For their foreheads are hardened, and with their mouths they strike at My messengers! As a stonecutter strikes the stone, so do these strike at My witnesses; in the strength of their pride, they strike with the hammer!
Yet I shall make their arms heavy, and their mallets shall never find the mark; nor shall their chisel break the surface, and their wedge shall have no place; scoring shall be of no help to them, nor shall their technique yield any result. For My messengers can not be cracked, nor is there one able to break them. From The Rock are they forged, and with a heart like adamant stone have I made them unwavering in My purpose. For the zeal of The Lord of Hosts has established them, and upon their foreheads the name of The Father and The Son is written.

Therefore, I shall dash the rebellious in pieces
Upon the rocks, and send the jackals
To carry away their carcasses!...

For they have trusted in false glory
And wear shame as a garment,
Cursing My name without ceasing,
And against My servants they bring
Railing accusations of every kind!...

Yet My servants are established still...

Says The Lord.

  1. John 15:10 (CEB)

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