Declared by a Sign

From The Volumes of Truth

Declared by a Sign

10/27/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Little flock, how is it you have not loved Me more than these? More than your own? More than yourselves? Neither have you laid yourselves upon the altar, as a special offering before The Lord...

Behold, I had commanded My servant that he show this little flock what is foremost. Lo he bears a sign; he declares it to you each time you see him, without speaking a word. Little flock, your eyes are dim, and you are unable to see past yourselves. Even your own reflection stays silent, for you are unable to discern. Yet that which I commanded My servant is made plain, for he bears his obedience upon his face and wears his devotion atop his head.
Blind and selfish children, from the beginning Timothy was sent to you, from the beginning he delivered My messages to you. Behold, even now he is made an example for you to look upon, delivering My messages by the page and now in his own body. Yes he stumbles as all men, yet each time he falls I gather him up again, for he does not cease from coming to Me. For by his obedience he gains strength, by his devotion he continues on... Beloved, why do you not understand My speech?! How is it you have not understood My signs?! Thus your love wanes, your devotion crumbles, and your obedience is displaced by your own selfish desires!
Therefore I am undone, for you have not known Me! You have departed from Me in your hearts, and have forsaken the first works! Yes, you gather around to hear the word of The Lord, yet you do so as those who have come to hear one who plays well on an instrument; you hear My words, but you will not do them! What more shall I say then? What more shall be done? Did I not provide a bounty, a great multitude of words to bless you, many Letters to show you the way?... Therefore speak your complaint, little flock! Bring it forth and declare your controversy before The Lord, if you have no fear of God in your hearts!

Thus I declare to you this day, many of whom I had called into service shall remain; they shall not escape, yet they shall indeed serve. And many of whom I had called to be witnesses for My name shall not be sent into battle. Rather they have been moved to the side, until they are truly willing to give up their life for My sake; they are not of the number. For many are called, yet few are chosen.

Thus has it come full circle...

Timothy shall go for Me, and his brother with him,
And the rest shall be declared by a sign...

Then shall the sons of God be sent into battle...

I am The Lord.

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