Darkness of Faces

From The Volumes of Truth

Darkness of Faces

1/24/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

A brother in Christ asked this question: In the Letters, what does “darkness of faces” mean?

Thus says The Lord: It is the state of being deceived and void of understanding, one who has been led away from The Truth; delusion stemming from the corrupt heart of man, which has been molded and shaped by the world, revealed also in his countenance; the light of his eyes darkened due to his sins, which are many, in which he also revels, leaving the door open to all kinds of evil - a man whose face is set hard against The Lord, for there is no light in him; a man whose god is his own belly,[1] a man who perceives falsely that he is an island, a lord unto himself, a man void of the Spirit - desolate.
For in his heart he raises himself above Me. Yet in truth he remains stuck in the mire of his ways, seeking always to break every pillar which I Myself have risen up, as he shakes his fist at Heaven. He is lost in confusion; in bitterness, he wanders through the midst of dry and parched lands. In his rage, wickedness grabs hold of him, and with his mouth he speaks great things and blasphemies with a practiced and lying tongue - He is ensnared, his face darkened, his eyes blind to the dawning of the day.

And thus men of like minds gather together in their pride,
And devise plans in their arrogance...

Asserting their false authority to gain control,
Building up pretense upon pretense in
Their vain attempt to cloak the void within...

Failing to recognize the darkness
Which surrounds them and has entered in...

Darkness among many faces...

Says The Lord.

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