Ascension into Grace

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Ascension into Grace

4/28/06 Wisdom Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Behold, The Lord is high and lifted up, residing always at the right hand of The Father in Heaven; from where He came to us in the flesh to suffer, a righteous man among a valley of thorns, piercing Him unto death for our transgressions, that we may live because of Him. So then The One from Heaven descended, so He might live to die and rise again, whereby we are approved of God because of Him, so we may also rise and live at the Last Day.
The Lord YahuShua, who is called Jesus and Christ, ascended, as it was written by the prophets and witnessed by His disciples, who also went out testifying that every letter might be established for our justification, if we would only believe with our whole hearts, and in this be saved. YahuShua ascended on high, having opened the way for those who love Him by His sacrifice, so through Him we might also ascend and be with Him, where He is, forever and ever. For The Lord first descended, then ascended, so He may return and deliver us out of affliction the second time (Yet let us always remember the first time He descended, and by what means He saved us from the power of sin). Behold, He is also coming in great power and glory to make an end of all powers and principalities, even of all things which have led His people into sin.

And as those who accept Him are free from sin,
So shall He, in whom we find freedom,
Come and prepare a place for us on Earth as in Heaven,
Where sin and death, affliction and sorrow, are no more...


A Sabbath Day in The Lord...

Even one thousand years...



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