A Testimony and a Witness: Answering the Call

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A Testimony and a Witness: Answering the Call

12/5/11 An Exhortation from Timothy - To All Brothers in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

There is no one like Him, no one! The Lord is holy, holy and set apart!...

Behold, I raised my head, and there before me was the face of The Holy One. I bowed down with tears, clasping my eyes shut, and there before me was the face of The Holy One. I have run far and wasted many years in sin, yet there before me was the face of The Holy One. Yes, I have run far, yet nothing was able to separate me from His love, nothing could hide His glory, nothing could prevent Him from revealing Himself to His chosen. For His beloved are elect and precious, treasured beyond the stars of heaven.

Thus at the time of His choosing The Holy One spoke. And His voice entered into my ears, piercing my heart and shaking my soul from within, as I heard Him say, “Timothy, read My Word.” Tears began to flow as I read, His every word lifting from the page, shining before my eyes though my understanding was dim. And though my ears were dull of hearing, His Word shouted, “TRUTH! TRUTH!”
Therefore I bowed down and sought His way, that I might know it, and the voice returned and said, “I AM HE. Your sins are forgiven you.” My every sin passed before my eyes. Every wrong, which I had committed against another, thudded within my chest and filled my mind. And still the voice said, in a most loving tone, “Your sins are forgiven you.”
My heart burst inside me, a flood of tears flowing as I never thought possible, soaking the floor as the minutes passed like hours. Yet stronger and stronger did His love encompass me, filling me, cleansing me, breaking me... Such power, such beauty and grace, love’s true embrace.
I could not get low enough, I wanted to pass into the floor. I began to shout within myself, louder and louder, over and over, “I love You! I love You! I LOVE YOU! You are holy! Thank You! Thank You! THANK YOU!” Then I said, “Take my life, Lord! Take it! I give it to You!”... And He did.

Therefore, beloved brothers in Messiah,
I call you to consecrate yourselves to The Lord also,
As though you were first-born sons...

That you may indeed be the first-born
From among many brethren...

That you may be as one born
Out of due time, being set apart,
Separate from this generation of evil men...

That you may be called sons of The Living God,
Vessels meet for The Master’s use...


Offer yourselves upon His altar, therfore, that He may offer you in due season. Do not hesitate, nor look back; go straight forward. Do not look to the right hand, nor to the left, but go straight forward. Do not turn your heads, for many behind you shall be consumed, whether by sorrow or troubles or calamity or in judgment. Do not look back, for God is just and holy, and righteous... There is no one like Him, our great God and Savior! Yes, He who is called Jesus and Christ is Lord! YahuShua is YAHUWAH! Maranatha!

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