Unbelief Stops the Rain

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Unbelief Stops the Rain

11/11/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[A Brother in Christ] A brother in Christ requested to rejoin fellowship, so I prayed. And The Lord didn’t say anything, but I felt from YahuShua that I should add him back. So I added him back, and then he asked me if I prayed first. Then The Lord said this: “Shall a son refuse a gift from His father? Therefore, fall forward and return to Me, for I have not forsaken you.”

Thus says The Lord: Amen, I say to you. You have heard and written that which is right and good. Yet I tell you the truth, you have heard as one who hears a voice on the wind. My son, you must let go of everything when in My presence, a willingness to let go and listen, a sincere desire to sit at My feet and hear. And if My voice is slow in coming, be content to wait; be still and abide in My presence. Did you think I am afar off, or that I am only near when your heart skips a beat, or when you feel as though you will burst?... My son, I am with you always.

Thus it is doubt which holds back these waters,
And for lack of trust the flood is withheld;
Unbelief stops the rain...

Yet I tell you, one who makes the leap shall be washed,
And one who trusts with abandonment shall be fully immersed...

Yet the one who believes without hindrance
Shall walk on water, says The Lord.

Therefore, when your heart’s desire is brought forth and your belief is set free, when your trust has come to the full, then shall that which I have promised be fulfilled. For those who take the leap shall by no means fall, for the strength of My arm shall uphold them. And by the power of My love shall they be lifted up, and never again will they depart from Me, never again will they know doubt or fear, never again shall their flesh rule over them. For they shall be with Me where I am... In My presence shall they abide forever.
So then take that which you have heard from Me, that which My spirit has revealed, and share it with your brother, and say unto him, “This I received from The Lord. And though it is in part, it shall not remain so. For that heard upon the wind is very hard to grasp, yet that taken to the bosom of The Lord will be made whole. This is the gift which waits for you.”

[Brother in Christ] So I share this whole thing with him?

[The Lord] My son, share everything with your brother, even that which I have just spoken to you through My servant, Timothy, says The Lord.

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