Timothy's Duties During the Tribulation to Come

From Letters From God and His Christ

Timothy's Duties During the Tribulation to Come

8/1/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His servant: The Lord God has spoken to you many times, yet you have not listened. Therefore hear, and also understand: Chosen are you of men, and of men have I chosen you. Though you doubt, this fact does not change, for even whatsoever I think comes to pass. Thus you shall bring My people together in the time of trouble and lead them to safety, you shall care for My beloved and declare My words before the people; by the power of My spirit in you shall you do these things.

[Timothy] How can this be? I am but a common man who has committed much sin, I am not worthy.

[The Lord] My son, assuredly I say to you, as the moon rises so shall you rise to the occasion, overcoming every challenge. For your strength is in The Lord; The Holy One is with you. Behold, My angels shall go before you, and I Myself shall be your rearguard. Timothy, I will put My words in your mouth, and you shall declare My judgments before the people, says The Lord who speaks to you.

[Timothy] But only You, Lord, can fight evil with the sound of Your mouth. I am but a man of no consequence.

Thus says The Lord to His well-beloved: If I put My words in your mouth, shall I not also cause you to speak them? Behold, I will make My words in your mouth fire, and your enemies wood, and it shall devour them! My son, did I not give unto Moses a staff through which My power was shown? Has He not made you that much better than a man’s walking stick?

[Timothy] So my dreams of the end days are true? The people in black, I defeat them through Your Word? Or is it symbolic?

[The Lord] Timothy, the men in black in your dreams represent those things over which you yet stumble, as well as your fears and doubts, all of which shall be overcome by placing your trust in Me. Do not fear, Timothy, for they also represent actual evil in the world, which you will overcome by the Word of God. In that day, I will sanctify you and anoint your head with oil, and you will become a witness for My name.
Again I say to you, do not be afraid, but trust in the foreknowledge I have given you. For you have known these things your whole life, but did not accept them. From the beginning did I choose you; before you came forth from your mother’s womb did I set you apart for My purpose. Did you not recognize the signs?

[Timothy] How do I know if I write these words or You? I fear they are delusions of grandeur.

Thus says The Lord: Why would a man write of himself his two biggest fears, yea, his three biggest fears?... That of public speaking, even more so, that of publicly speaking My Word; also, that of fighting evil, even fighting man to man do you abhor; and most of all, being separated from your wife and family for a time. I know the depths of your love for them, only surpassed by your love for Me... Why write about yourself those things you most fear and abhor?

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