Those Things Which Must Shortly Take Place

From The Volumes of Truth

Those Things Which Must Shortly Take Place

11/20/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

I am The Lord your God, I am The Only God; and to you I speak this day of those things which must shortly take place. For the tide has turned, and those married to this world have forsaken Me. They have turned away and fight against Me, yet I shall turn many back again. And though they are a very hard-hearted generation, a very foolish and deceitful generation, who say, “God is dead, and The Christ only myth”... Behold, I shall surely turn them back again!
Therefore, to this most wicked and adulterous generation, I say this: Know you not, that vipers have latched onto you?! Behold, every manner of snake has filled you with poison, and soon you will be devoured and find yourself in the belly of the beast! Therefore fear, I say! Fear! For the vipers are already among you, and the beast waits eagerly for his time!
Yet understand this: The beast fears also, at his very heart he trembles, for he knows I am coming down. Behold, I am coming down to speak to those of this wicked generation who say I am dead, to show them the mighty hand of God. For I shall divide the heavens and shake the earth with My voice... Behold! This generation has awakened a sleeping giant, TO WRATH AND TO JUDGMENT, for My anger burns hot! I shall pour out judgment, and My fierce anger shall be revealed in all the earth! Then they will know, I am The Lord, The Living God, shattering every doubt!
Let the division be made clear! Let the rebellion ensue!... Peoples of the earth, turn to Me or against Me, for the truth of who I am is beyond question! Therefore, choose! Again I say, choose! For not one who dwells upon the earth will remain in ignorance! Not one will be able to deny The Word of The Lord! For all will know, from the least unto the greatest, I AM THE LORD!
And when the time of choosing is ended, and the number completed, those who remain true to the beast will gather together against My holy city and make war. Then behold, The Son of Man will appear, coming on the clouds in full power and great glory, and the saints do follow Him! For His power is the power of God; and His glory, an all-encompassing fire!... Therefore, woe to all who fight against Me! You are given up to the slaughter, consumed in the brightness of His coming, slain by the sword of His mouth!

Therefore watch, behold the signs, for the time is at hand!...

For I am coming quickly to gather them together,
I am coming down to take back My own!...


Behold, I shall shake the foundations of the earth,
And cause the powers of heaven to falter,
To loose yet even more harvest!

Then shall I wipe the slate clean...

It is finished...

Behold, a new day!

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