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I AM THE LORD (Redirected from The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord)

1/26/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: It is written, My people shall prophesy, dream dreams, and see visions. Therefore go out, O men of promise, and blow the trumpet; fulfill the will of The Most High God. Triumph, O sons of Salvation, for The Lord is with you... In a loud voice, with the trumpet call of God, go out and speak; yea, shout to the masses! For The Word of God is holy, and the word of My mouth true! For I have indeed come, and shall return, and behold I am coming quickly, to lift up the righteous and break the backs of the wicked!...

For I AM THE LORD! And I shall search the hearts and minds of all who dwell upon the earth, blessing the blessed and cursing the cursed! I shall restore the hearts of the penitent and leave the wicked barren! I shall cast judgment like a net and catch the wicked, and the rebellious shall be ensnared! For the wrath of God shall cover the whole earth in that day!

Behold, I shall heal the sick and rescue the downtrodden; I shall remove the foot of blasphemy atop their heads! I shall feed the hungry with manna from Heaven, and quench the thirst of those in the desert! I shall harden the hearts of those true to the evil one, and soften the heart of the sincere seeker, and the worldly shall be left broken! I shall rob the rich man and bring him to poverty, that he may become truly wealthy! I shall abase all great men and bring the proud man to nothing! Yet I shall exalt the humble, and the meek shall inherit the earth, for My blessing is with those who fear The Lord... The blind shall see and the deaf hear.
Behold, I shall put My spirit in all those who willingly forsake their life, for My sake; and a double portion for those I am sending! I shall correct and discipline those I love, causing many to repent! I shall write My Commandments in their hearts, even in their innermost parts! I shall separate and divide My people! I shall reap, for the harvest is ripe; I shall bring forth all who have fallen asleep, and steal away those who live in Me; behold, I shall raise them up and make My dwelling place known!

Behold, I shall shake the foundations of the earth mightily, and leave no stone atop another, nor shall I leave one stone unturned; I shall bring forth all that is hidden! For with a fierce wind I shall cause the clouds to churn and roil, thunder and lightning shall fill the heavens! I shall blow upon the earth as a tempest, and scourge the nations with The Word of My mouth! I shall cause the sea to rise up and devour the shore and devastate the coastlands! I shall rebuke the nations and bring Babylon to ruin, and hide My chosen in The Mountain!
Behold, I shall show wonders in the heavens above and in the earth beneath, blood and fire and pillars of smoke! The seas shall be turned to blood, and the rivers and streams shall become bitter! Even the sun, the moon, and the stars shall be struck in My fury! I shall roll back the heavens like a scroll, and My glory shall shine from the east even unto the west; all darkness shall flee away!

I shall shut the mouth of the soothsayer and cause the winds of deception to cease! I shall awaken the sleepers, and condemn the evil! I shall strike down all who murder and persecute My saints or do harm to My little ones! I shall bind the deceiver and cast out those who serve him; they shall be burned with unquenchable fire! Declares The Lord.

Therefore, fear not, O children of Zion!
For I shall send forth The Builder, The Chief Cornerstone,
And He shall do battle on your behalf!...

Gather together and prepare, therefore, for the time has come!...
Feel the earth tremble and give ear,
For the trumpet is sounded in the four corners!
The Great Day draws near!...

Let every knee bow! My enemies are made My footstool!...


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