Soften Your Foreheads and Let Your Hearts Melt

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Soften Your Foreheads and Let Your Hearts Melt

8/9/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding his household, which he shares with other brothers and sisters in Christ)

Thus says The Lord: I have nourished and brought up children, and behold, some have gathered together within your house. Yet who among them sought My will in this, and who was sure of their leading? Yes they sought Me, but according to their own hearts. Yet not one sought My counsel by way of My prophet, not one sought My will with hearts poured out, with their own will laid upon the floor. Therefore I allowed them to gather in this manner, that their hearts might be tested and the fruit thereof revealed. For I am not at all pleased with your household, My son, nor am I pleased with that which I see within the hearts of those who dwell there. For your house was to be a house of God, yet you have all defiled yourselves and desecrated My house!... Must My prophet come and speak, that you may be corrected?! Must each sit at My table continually, lest they forget Me and forsake My way before Me? Shall you mistreat My little ones and accuse one another in your hearts, as the heathen?!

[A brother in Christ] I know I have stifled Your spirit greatly, Lord, and ignored correction You’ve given me, and not discerned. I repent.

[The Lord] My son, you were to lead them in all righteousness, you were to be their example. You were not to waver on their account, for My servants are to walk uprightly; not proudly, but humbly and in quiet boldness with unwavering trust. They are to speak honestly and do justly, begging My counsel when conflict arises. My son, in you I delight, yet your counsel is not at all pleasing in My eyes. Therefore that which is brought before you shall be heard, and you shall give ear to each one’s desire. Then shall you seek Me and make your decision, and that decision is to be obeyed by all in your house. And if you go astray and seek not My counsel, or decide in your own favor or according to that which pollutes My name, I will correct you sharply. For I am The Lord, and I have called you son.
Yet these things which trouble your household are but small matters. For the day approaches quickly, when I shall condemn the cities and cause the whole world to tremble. Behold, My hand waxes hard against your nation; even upon your state have I already brought forth and purposed ruin... Yet who gives Me glory in all this dry and parched land?! And who among all these rebellious children have ceased from fighting against Me?!
Therefore set your house in order, My son. Seek knowledgeable and wise counsel, and use My Word wisely. And when those of your household seek to depart, let them go, do not hinder them; wish them well and love them. For I have disbanded this flock already; behold, I am separating them for the harvest according to My will.

[A brother in Christ] Thank You for giving me another chance, Lord. I will trust that I will discern your will when I bow down before You. And if I do not discern, I will remain on my knees. Please make Your heart clear to me. I am sickened by “my” counsel, and it has wearied me and Your beloved. I am responsible. I repent. Let me repent as Manasseh, Lord. I want You to see true repentance and give You a smile amongst many tears You shed always.

[The Lord] Indeed you are to blame, My son, and your wife also. For is this not your house in which your brothers and sisters live? Yet this also I have forgiven you, that you may grow wise in your dealings with Me. For I am setting My house in order, and these before you are of My household, My own children. Yet not all shall depart, not all shall be taken. Do not be worried or upset, but trust in My ways and seek always to walk in My footsteps, until the day comes when you are ready to walk beside Me.
Therefore, put away your pride and cast all this vanity asunder, and make your decision, for I can wait no longer. Speak to your wife and to your household, saying, “Let us all soften our foreheads, let our hearts melt, for The Lord has chosen and shall not relent, nor shall He turn back from His decision. Therefore let us serve Him wholeheartedly, and treat one another as we would be treated, even as we would treat Him, for He dwells among us... Lest He come and strike this house with a plague, or remove His hand from off our shoulders, leaving us broken and desolate. For we have given others cause to blaspheme, on account of our behavior.” For I tell you the truth, My face is set hard against your nation and against your land... Share not in their hardship, says The Lord.

[A brother in Christ] Amen, Lord YahuShua! Thank You for Your Word! Lord, will you speak a Word for my wife? Anything?

[The Lord answered] Let her cleave to her husband and learn piety at home. Let her search the Scriptures and the Volumes of Truth, partaking of My Word at every opportunity. Let her pick up her cross and follow Me, says The Lord.

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