Return Home, Your Father Calls

From The Volumes of Truth

Return Home, Your Father Calls

4/18/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior ­- The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord your Redeemer: Come to Me, beloved; come forth and repent. For to this end I gave My life as a ransom, as payment in full, for your sins past, present, and those sins of tomorrow. Go out, My sheep, for you are forgiven in My blood; go out and sin no more, and now obey all The Commandments of The Father. For there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another. Therefore, make your love perfect by obeying Him who created you and loves you... Walk in My footsteps, beloved; follow Me!
Hear My voice and heed the call, for it is a call to life, and also a warning to all who dwell upon the earth. Come now and open your ears, and listen to the voice of your Father, and return to Me; be drawn home. Turn from your evil ways and be lifted up, for The Son of Man is coming quickly to gather. Escape to The Father’s house; be not left and shaken... For I tell you the truth, the earth shall be severely shaken, the towers shall sway and the foundations beneath shall be twisted, and all the lofty works of men shall come crashing down! Behold, the pride of man shall be bowed down in that day, and the arrogance of man shall be broken in his humiliation, and The Lord alone shall be exalted! For I am come to tread, to thresh, until all is separated!... Until the blood flows out across the land, even to the height of a horse’s bridle, as it is written; until all that offends is removed, as chaff blown off the summer threshing floor; until no trace of wickedness is found and I have made an end!

Therefore, again I say to you, turn from your wicked ways; flee all this iniquity!
For The Lord comes with a shout and with the trumpet call of God!
Who will hear the call?! Who shall be gathered?!...

My people, the noise of this world has deafened your ears,
Man-made light has blinded your eyes,
Your hearts have grown cold...  

Beloved, forsake this world and come to Me;  
I am The Messiah, your Healer!...

In Me do the blind see and the deaf hear;
In Me are the captives set free!

Thus says The Lord God: Yet woe to those who will not come; woe, I say to them! For darkness has fallen, and soon the fullness of night will come in, when all light is gathered and taken. Behold, even the light of the sun, the moon and the stars shall be struck; and the reign, the short reign of he who devours as a lion, shall come in... O stiff-necked, most wicked generation, humble yourselves and escape the beast’s seduction, and be set in safety from all these ravaging wolves! For thus says The Lord: Woe to those who embrace the seduction, for judgment shall fall from Heaven, it shall fall hard atop their heads.
Yet The Lord shall leave a remnant, with the mark of The Holy One upon their foreheads, witnesses through whom the word of God shall speak. They hold the testimony of YahuShua and keep The Commandments; they will guide you through the fire. Trust in no man of authority, therefore, nor put your trust in any man of flesh who claims to be lord, for they are already dead; lo, their place was prepared from the beginning... For there is but One, and One only, who has full and absolute authority: YahuShua HaMashiach, whom you call Christ and Jesus, your Lord and Salvation! For in Him is the fullness of God revealed.

Therefore abide in faith, beloved,
Until you see The Lord coming upon the clouds
With great power and glory...

Behold, your Deliverer comes,
And every eye shall behold His countenance!...

It is as a thousand suns! Says The Lord.

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