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8/28/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears To Hear (Regarding the judgment of those who are raised at the end of the thousand years)

Thus says The Lord: In the Consummation, all judged according to their works will surely die, for none are saved by works. Yet if in that day one calls upon the name of Salvation, in true repentance, with sincere remorse in their hearts, they will not be judged. Behold, they will pass from judgment into life, for The Promise is never-ending, and all who come to Me will I in no wise turn away. Yet understand this: I look upon the heart, and know the truth of the words which the mouth speaks, for the heart can not lie. Therefore many will cry out in that day, great multitudes will call on My name for mercy, yet those appointed to death will receive their due reward, and those appointed to life will enter therein... This is judgment and mercy according to truth.
Therefore when the multitudes are judged, they will indeed be judged according to their works. For the books will be opened, and their works shall be made known; even every idle word will be examined and accountability assigned. And they will be repaid according to their deeds, by which they have condemned themselves... Yet those who call upon the name of The Holy One of Israel in truth, humbling themselves before Him, taking full responsibility for their works, confessing their sin, will receive mercy; for The Holy One and His works now stand in their place, interceding on their behalf. And the condemned shall go into silence and rest from their evil deeds, for it has wearied them, and they shall be no more; for even in the destruction of the wicked is My mercy found. Thus as I have spoken it, so shall it be done.

Therefore, My son, trust in My glory,
And seek no more to understand My Word
According to the letter, nor grab hold of it
As though it can be fully grasped by any man...

Rather seek to know Me as I am...

For from this knowledge alone does all
Understanding flow into the hearts of My beloved,
And they shall have peace...

Says The Lord.


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