I Have Purged; Behold, I Shall Wipe Away and Restore

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I Have Purged; Behold, I Shall Wipe Away and Restore (Redirected from I Am The Lord, I Have Purged; Behold, I Shall Wipe Away and Restore)

1/11/08 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[God The Father] Timothy, arise and find a large bowl. Pour therein two tablespoons of salt. Then pour over the salt one half cup of dry yeast, then two parts vinegar. Then take again one tablespoon of salt, and sprinkle it over the top.

(Note from Timothy: I did all of the above before sunrise.)

[God The Father]
Hear My voice, and have understanding of this task I have set before you, and how it is that you do not yet understand: You have lacked trust, and have not followed My commands as I have given them to you during these thirty, nor of these forty. Fear not, for I have once again delivered you from the mouth of the lion. No more shall you suffer at the hand of the oppressor; no more shall you receive, nor hear, a railing accusation from his mouth... Timothy, your time has come. You shall go where I send you, and you shall do as I command you. And you shall speak, yea, you shall shout The Lord’s proclamation; I, Myself, shall cause you to speak and so do, even all I command you.
Therefore as you wait, seek to bring health to your body and nourishment to your soul. Prepare nothing for your journey, nor take anything with you when the time comes, save only those things I command you. Prepare no script, nor rehearse anything; all you need shall be given you, in that self-same hour I call upon you to speak and act on My behalf, doing all I command you in the name of The Father and in the name of The Son.

Now go and look upon the contents of the bowl, and come back... What did you see?

[Timothy] I saw a large bowl, with a pile of yeast covering salt, and vinegar on the sides, with salt mixed in and sprinkled on the top. And I smelled the vinegar.

[God The Father] Timothy, you have seen well enough, yet of its meaning you have not perceived. Take now two parts water, and pour it on the heap... What did you see?

[Timothy] The water both sank in, and ran down the sides, and mixed with the contents.

[God The Father] Again, Timothy, you have seen well enough, but have only slightly perceived. Now go with fury in your heart, and flood the contents and destroy the heap, and cast it out of your house with great haste, all the contents and the bowl also. And when you have done this, go out and stomp upon the bowl and destroy it with a rock, and leave it there, and return to Me.
Timothy, your sins are purged; even all temptation will I destroy in you, when the fullness of your service comes in. And so the time has come for this world also. And as you have done with the heap and to the bowl, so also must I do in the world... Timothy, do you understand My anger? My sorrow?

[Timothy] Yes, Lord.

[God The Father] For I had salted the earth, yet it brought forth only sin. I sent to them My Law, yet it was cast off as bitter wine. I poured out The Water of Life upon them, in two parts, and it has indeed sunk through the middle, even to the core, yet this also was shed and cast off; even the Truth thereof was corrupted by men, as they mixed the pure with the impure and the clean with the unclean... Therefore the time has come, when I shall destroy and wash away! I shall thoroughly purge My floor, and the end thereof shall be as a flood!
BEHOLD, I SHALL BREAK! ALL SHALL BE BROKEN! For all things are placed under the feet of The Holy One of Israel, and He shall surely stomp them in pieces! All shall be shattered and broken in pieces, when The Rock is sent forth to strike the nations! All wickedness shall be ground to powder under the weight of The Mountain, for it shall fill the entire earth and never be moved!... Behold, all is wiped away, all is made new, once again and forever.

Therefore Timothy, move not the rock nor clean up the pieces,
But leave them there, seven days...

After which time, arise early on the eighth,
And at sunrise go out and pick up the pieces and replace the stone;
And smooth out the area, and make it clean, even three foot square;
And kneel therein and pray, and know, I am The Lord...

For as I have shown you, so shall it be...

Indeed I have spoken it, thus I will also bring it to pass;
I have purposed it and I will also do it...

Says The Lord.

In that day, all shall know, I AM THE LORD;
And from the least to the greatest, all shall give Me glory,
For I shall dwell in them and among them...

They shall be My people,
My precious sons and daughters,
And I shall be their God, forever...

And they shall not know sin, nor death,
Nor pain of any kind, anymore;
For I shall wipe all tears from their faces...


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