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9/6/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Lord’s Words Spoken to Jayse, During an Online Bible/Letter Study Fellowship - For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Beloved, I love you!... Do you hear Me?!... I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU! Beloved, I hear your hearts, and I know... Beloved, I know, says The Lord. My heart burns within Me, over this love I have for you.
Come to Me!... Come close so I may heal you. Come and sit at My feet, and listen as I tell you of My love for you, the love I have always had for you. Come and lay upon My bosom, and feel My heart’s embrace! Now is the time!... Oh beloved, come!

Oh My beloved... Yes, My heart is broken also, over all these who have left Me, whose hearts have turned from Me. Be still now, and come and lay upon My breast, and let us weep together... That I may comfort you.
Tell Me what ails you, My children, for I am near to you... Come now, and search My heart and know Me. Receive of My love!... Oh, how I do love you.

Beloved little flock of The Shepherd, I am with you always...

And most assuredly, I say to you, I am coming quickly!...

For YOU, beloved!...

I am coming for you!

And in that day, you shall surely embrace Me, and I shall wipe your every tear, and we shall be one... Just as The Father and The Son are ONE... I love you!
Beloved, rejoice!... For the fulfillment of all things is near, and the end of this age is here! And you, oh beloved, My treasure, your hearts shall be filled! And oh how you shall sing for Me!
And you shall rest in that day. For I shall surely come upon you, and you shall rest in My love... A never-ending love, a healing love, a love the world has not known, nor are they able to understand.

For I shall fill you with My love,
And you shall understand who I truly am...

And you shall be satisfied, says The Lord.

Therefore, come now and partake of Me...

For I AM HE! The Everlasting!...

I am your Life, beloved!

Look! See how I am glorified and exalted within the hearts of My own?!... For My Spirit has been poured out!... The Father’s will is established, and in One shall the fullness of God’s love be revealed...

For there is no other besides Me!

Says The Lord, YahuShua.

There is but One!... ONE!... One Way! One Truth! One Life! And One Love!... ONE!... One Strength! One Comfort! One Joy!... YAHUSHUA is My name!... There is but One, and I AM HE.

Therefore beloved, be still... Quiet your minds, and incline your hearts, and hear Me...

There is One God!...

YahuShua-YaHuWaH is Our name!

I AM!...



I am with you, beloved. And as I have filled your hearts, embrace Mine also, and draw very near... Yea, abide in Me... For I am exalted in your hearts, even as you are exalted in Mine.
Embrace Me, therefore, and receive of all this bread, and drink deeply from this cup... It overflows. For this is My will for all those seated at My table... That they may be truly filled up, that their cups may overflow... That My fullness may be revealed, and that My love may be fully known... That they may be satisfied.

Says He, who dwells in the midst of you.



  • From The One Who Dwells in the Midst of You


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