Be Not Tempted of the World, For Its Ways Lead Only to Blasphemy and Sin

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11/25/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy, for several family members: Lord, may we still give gifts to our loved ones, as long as it doesn’t take place on the 25th of December, and if we do not call it Christmas?

Thus says The Lord of Heaven and Earth: Shall you children of disobedience further blaspheme My name, the name I have given My Son?! As The Lord commands, let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’; and your ‘No’, ‘No’. Obey, or obey not. Beloved, do only as I have commanded you, and follow Him who I have sent to you.
In these things of sin, which are altogether an abomination before The Lord, TAKE NO PART! Neither replace My commands with the watered down commandments of men; stop drinking from all these polluted fountains! For I hate all their filthy traditions, I loathe the sight of them! They are corrupt, evil works and adulteries, harlotries passed down from your forefathers, idolatries of every kind! Says The Lord God.

Thus says The Lord to all those who strive to be truly converted in their hearts, who seek after My name and My glory, who call upon the name of My Son: Do you really know Me? And if you long to know Me as I truly am, then let go of this world and forsake its evil ways! Come out from among them and be separate; take no part in that which is unclean, and I will receive you! Beloved, do not seek to go roundabout, saying, “I do these things with a pure heart. The Lord will understand, for I do these things out of love.” Yes, all things born of love are good and well-pleasing to The Lord, for I know your hearts, beloved, even your every intention. Yet those who love Me must obey My commands and give heed to the leading of My spirit, for the two are in agreement.
It is written: God is love. And if I am love, then obey Me as I have loved you. Remember My decrees and obey My Commandments. Reveal to every onlooker that I am indeed your First Love, and I, alone, deserve your worship. Therefore no more give your love or attention to the things of this world, for they are passing away; neither shall you love anyone more than Me. Or have you never read this Scripture: Whoever loves their father or mother, or sister or brother, or daughter or son, more than Me, is not worthy of Me?

Therefore honor Him who gave up
Everything for you, even unto death,
By sacrificing everything in your life that is not of Him;
Crucify your lives for His sake!...
For this will lead you into a greater understanding
Of what salvation truly is, the knowledge and acceptance
Of The Truth, which is absolute...
Forever standing on a hill, bright and shining,
Immovable, unbreakable...

The Everlasting Stone which has become The Head of the Corner,
The Mountain which fills the entire earth...

Says The Lord.

Thus says The Risen One: So then, My beloved little ones in faith, sacrifice all which is of this world. Take no part in that which dishonors My name. Make it an offering of abstinence from all you have done in years past, and be completely separate. Stay clean for these thirty-one days which fall in the last month of your calendar... Beloved, give not a single gift! Rather share that which has been given you, in My name!

For thus declares The Lord: Let those who profane My name, parade their whoredoms, vanities and sin, parade in vain until destruction comes! Yet let those who belong to Me be set apart and blow the trumpet. For those who revel in their sins and love desecration have surely cast their lot with satan. Therefore warn them from Me, and call the ignorant to awake!

I am The Only Truth!...
The Only Way and The Only Life,
The Only Gift in which is everlasting life!...

There is no other besides Me! Says The Lord.


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