YahuShua Is The Gift... Blessed Are Those Who Know and Accept Him

From The Volumes of Truth

YahuShua Is The Gift... Blessed Are Those Who Know and Accept Him

1/4/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: YahuShua is The Messiah, The Mashiach of My people. Yet like disillusioned lambs, all have wandered and went their own way; lost in a world of selfishness and greed, full of doubt, giving heed to the many deceits of this world and men, chasing always after the desires of their corrupted hearts.

My children, yea all peoples of this Earth, hear Me and have understanding: I am The God of your fathers, The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob. And yet you continue to search for truth, in vain you seek out proof, running to and fro in all the earth, feeding yourselves day and night with the corrupt knowledge of men, in your vain attempt to understand God... Beloved, I am The Truth! I am The Only Way! Yet by your many books and intellectual dialogs, you have perverted The Truth and corrupted The Way! For all your doings are vanity wrought in arrogance and sin!
Oh you lost sheep, why do you wander?! I am near to you; search your hearts and know Me! For I have given you all you shall ever need in The Scriptures of Truth. Yes bread and water I have given you as meat for the body, but The Scriptures of Truth shall sustain you unto life everlasting!... If you would only believe and live by that which is uttered from your Father’s mouth.
Listen therefore, and fulfill your solemn desire to have proof, for I have given it to you so you may believe: YahuShua is The Word, even as I am The Word; We are one. And if We are one, then whatsoever I speak is fulfilled through Him and in Him. And if He is the fulfillment of all that is written, the very goal at which the whole of Scripture aims, why then do you not believe HE IS WHO HE IS?

Repent in His name, therefore, and be lifted up!
Resist The Truth, and be judged!...

Raise your fist toward Heaven and gather against
The Holy One of Israel, and you shall be consumed,
Destroyed by that which you refused to hear!...


Proceeding from the mouth of Him who is also The Word,
Slaying all enmity in these dry and parched lands,
Covering them in scarlet, leaving no middle ground or partition!...
Behold, all is wiped away and restored
In righteousness, forever and ever! Amen.

For thus is the inheritance of the saints:
Rest and glory in the presence of The Lamb,
Who shall be their Shepherd, forever...

Life without end.

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