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Volume Four



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Table of Contents for Volume Four

  1. Without Spot or Blemish, (mp3)
  2. Mistranslation and Misinterpretation Leading to Great Obscurity among Many Faces, (*mp3)
  3. The Day of Astonishment, (mp3)
  4. Integrity with All Trust, (*mp3)
  5. Who Is First, (*mp3)
  6. The Cups of the Thirsty, (*mp3)
  7. Awaken... Partake of The Living Bread, (mp3)
  8. From Betrayal to Victory, (*mp3)
  9. Hold Fast and Do Not Waver, (*mp3)
  10. Evil Blotted Out, Righteousness Reigns, (*mp3)
  11. I Search the Hearts and Minds, (mp3)
  12. Feed My Sheep, (*mp3)
  13. Wholly of The Lord, (*mp3)
  14. The Innocent Are Mine, (*mp3)
  15. Come to Me; No More Time to Tarry, (*mp3)
  16. I Did Not Come to Bring Peace, But a Sword, (*mp3)
  17. Discernment, (*mp3)
  18. Choose Me, (mp3)
  19. Obey God, (mp3)
  20. Walking in the Footsteps of The Messiah’s Passion, (mp3)
  21. Wisdom, (*mp3)
  22. Workers in the Field of The Lord’s Harvest, (mp3)
  23. Spoils of War, (*mp3)
  24. Fasting, (mp3)
  25. The Ill-Favored of the Flock, (mp3)
  26. That Which Is Not of Me Is against Me, and Comes from the Evil One, Says The Lord, (*mp3)
  27. Be Instant In and Out of Season, (mp3)
  28. A Faithful Witness, (mp3)
  29. Foremost, (mp3)

This ends Volume Four.

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